5 Reasons to select Odoo ERP

October 4, 2019 · 2 minutes read

Odoo is one of the most utilized open ERP software in the market. Although, Odoo has a collection of business-related applications and modules. Odoo is not only a single software, Developers can use apps form odoo store for their necessary requirements and also they can choose themes for UI customization. Odoo ERP is available in both Odoo Community and Odoo Enterprise versions.

Reasons to Select Odoo ERP:

  • Opensource
  • Odoo Apps and Modules
  • Worldwide Support
  • Third-Party Integration
  • Flexibility

Let us discuss reasons in detail.

  1. OpenSource: What makes odoo the most-friendly and simple application for developers is its open-source platform.
  2. Odoo Apps and Modules: Odoo app store is one of the main supports for its users and which is a collection of overall 15,000 and more apps. Odoo partners and developers can add their apps to the odoo store. Both paid and free apps are available in the odoo app store and which is tagged by particular developers.
  3. Worldwide Support: Odoo customers are enriched with worldwide support. Odoo apps and modules are developed by developers across the globe.
  4. Third-Party Integration: Easy integration is one of the main advantages of odoo ERP compared to the other ERP platforms. In most cases, third-party integration is a question mark. In Odoo, this isn’t that hard to achieve. One can seamlessly integrate Odoo ERP with third-party service platforms running like social media, eCommerce sites, or payment gateways.
  5. Flexibility: Odoo ERP is known for its flexibility and adaptability. Being highly modular, customers can choose their modules dependent on the requirements. Also one can easily get them customized for getting it applied in the future use or addressing such concerns. Need any custom features? You can do it with the help of an odoo designer.


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