5 Reasons why every Odoo Partner should attend the Odoo Experience 2019

September 25, 2019 · 3 minutes read

Odoo Experience is a yearly concert that witnesses the gathering of individuals from the Odoo Community. The event will be an open platform for people to learn and expand their network. It is a chance to investigate the maximum about Odoo and create an identity within the community. From sharing of thoughts to keynote introduction, shows to the boundless fun, Odoo Experience is an extraordinary occasion to discuss the most recent updates in Odoo,meanwhile build relations within Odoo group on a worldwide level. Aside from getting knowledge, imparting and exploring, there are many key significance that prompts to attend Odoo Experience 2019 event.

1.Launching of Odoo 13.

The most highlighted part of Odoo experience 2019 is the Odoo 13 launch by Fabien Pinckaers, the founder of Odoo ERP. Odoo 13 features have already become a hot debated topic within the community and everyone is excited about the features of Odoo 13. Few modules of Odoo 12 enterprise edition are now moved to Odoo 13 Community edition,  making it the most appealing update of Odoo 13. 

2. Introduction to Odoo IoT.

It is said that by 2020 the number of devices connected to the internet shall cross 50 billion and more. Which every organization and developing company believes that it will bring tremendous change to the industrial economy. Odoo has already started to contribute to IoT devices, Last year in version 12 of Odoo, they introduced an IoT Box which helped users to connect the industrial hardware and perform automated tasks. In Odoo Experience 2019 you can discover the features and specialties of IoT devices and the App. You can then learn how to setup the Odoo IoT device and can understand how it can improve the performance of the company. 

3. Odoo 14 Road Map.

In Odoo Experience, odoo 14 road map is explained. Roadmap means explaining and discussing the requirements and features that need to be included. You can also contribute to the feature lists. 

4. Improve your Network.

Odoo Experience is like a get-together where each and every company and the developer come together to discuss their custom solution and sharing their knowledge. It is the best possible place to showcase what you have in your hand and can establish your presence and increase the network. 

5. Publicize your Custom Solution.

Since 2017, Odoo Experience began giving stalls to-utilize by the organizations. This was a cherry on the cake, which means it is an added advantage for those who attended the event. As organizations can display their custom products and solutions to the clients straightforwardly, we can explain the working pattern of the solution if the client demands. These stalls provide a great ROI as they plan to implement your solution.


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