7 Important configurations in Odoo Inventory management

March 20, 2018 · 2 minutes read

Odoo inventory management is one of the core modules of Odoo which simplifies all the inventory related operations. Many features and functionalities of Odoo inventory management module are disabled by default and we can enable it according to our need. This blog is about some of the features such as Unit of Measure, Product Variant, traceability etc. that can be activated from Odoo Inventory settings. Keep reading

First, let us check some useful features available in the products section. Go to

  • Inventory> Configuration> Settings> Products

  • Unit of Measure: By ticking the second option you can Sale/Purchase products in a different unit of measure. For example, you may buy Bottle as a dozen and sell it
  • Product Variant: – Tick here to include product variance in you’re in your
  • Package: By activating this option, you can manage the product movements as a package. No need to track the individual items.

Traceability is another important thing in Odoo inventory.  Traceability section provides a number of settings that can be used for proper tracking of products inside and outside the inventory.  This section includes options like ‘Lots and Serial Numbers’, Expiration Date, Package management activation, Barcode etc. Most of them are self-explanatory, see the below image.

  • Inventory> Configuration> Settings> Traceability

Location and warehouse section provide the options for Procurement, Routs, Dropshipping, Picking waves, minimum stock rule etc.

  • Inventory> Configuration> Settings> Location and Ware house

  • Procurement: choose the method to Reserve a product, after a sale order is confirmed. In second option you can set a schedule to reserve product
  • Warehouses and Location level: – Choose according to your usage level
  • Routes: – Choose advanced routing, if your procurement contain more than one step
  • Drop shipping: – this allows you to configure different delivery option for your suppliers.

All these configurations make the working of Odoo Inventory module efficient. Use the options according to your needs.


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