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7 Reasons to Select Odoo / Open ERP

April 16, 2018 · 2 minutes read

Remarkable Attributes in Odoo Open Source

Odoo is an open source application with the customization possibilities from ERP to CRM, E-commerce, POS, CMS, Accounting and even more. Odoo is an extended form of open source ERP suite with integrated and customized features with a money valued feature to utilize various modules of business needs. Odoo e-Commerce solutions are fully integrated with other business apps like CRM, Accounting, Logistics, and Point of Sale etc. As a result inventory and sales can easily be maintained via automatic stock adjustments and reporting. This makes the platform suitable and favorable for small to mid-sized companies.

Odoo, being an Open Source the source code is made public and available to all. This helps in bringing a revolution to the software developers. Software developers can now easily integrate and improve the efficiency of software resulting better performance and increase in income.

7 Reasons to Select Odoo / Open ERP

1.Truly Comprehensive

Odoo / Open ERP is an integrated platform, it offers a plethora of functionalities to improve your business goals and requirements. This acts as a complete and ultimate solution to the fulfillment of business sectors from both small and big enterprises.

2.  Simply Modular

This platform is highly modular. Odoo modules can be changed whenever required.

3. Updated Technology

Odoo/Open ERP is abreast of technologies. They keep updated every now and then bringing modifications, meeting all demands and requirements.

4. Reduces the Usage Cost

Unlike other ERP platforms, Odoo license is absolutely free creating the climate for better implementation and customization. Odoo serves you with the right choice of budget allocation strategies…

5. Easily Integrated

Multi-tasking in ERP systems often results in degradation of business standards and efficiency. Therefore easy configuration with integrated modules improves the efficiency and working of a software. With Odoo, configuration set easier.

6. Can be customized

This platform offers high flexibility and so can easily be customized to fulfill the business requirements. In a highly competitive era, enterprises will need a constant push and innovation to tune up with the changing business scenario.

7. Available for Free

You can easily download the software free of charge and use it effectively.
Odoo Implementation can be immensely beneficial to manage your enterprise as it would aid with all its functions and functionalities. No matter how big the enterprise would be, Odoo provides with a robust ERP solution that can manage it easily.


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