9 Core modules of Odoo open source ERP

March 21, 2018 · 3 minutes read

Accounting and Finance

Simple yet powerful, Odoo Accounting module can be best described in these two words. You can process your transactions quickly using Odoo. Odoo’s accounting is connected to all other apps of Odoo like Sale, Purchase, inventory and Human resource. This makes working with Odoo more simple and quick. You can create a customer invoice in less than two clicks from a Sale order. Odoo will fill all the necessary information required for
invoice automatically. To enable accounting features in you Odoo ERP you have to install
Accounting and finance App from Odoo.

Customer Relationship Management
Integrated with Sales, Purchase and other modules, Odoo CRM effectively manages customer relation operations for you. Actually, Odoo CRM is a combination of about 8 Apps and plugins.

Just like the sales, it is really easy to manage purchase related operations using Odoo. We can generate quotations, convert them to purchase order and generate bills in simple steps. Illustrated reports generated by this module makes analysis even simpler.

Warehouse Management
Track all the movements of products more effectively, generate automatic sales order and
manage scraps in easy steps and lot more other features. Install the module ‘Inventory’ to enable warehouse management.

Human Resource
For any manufacturing company, it is important to track products and every manufacturing
orders efficiently. The Manufacturing Module in Odoo help you to handle the complexity of
Production, Manage Bill of Materials, Plan Manufacturing Orders, and Track Work Orders etc. Manufacturing module is one of the basic application in Odoo. Since the manufacturing is highly integrated with Inventory Management, you can keep your inventory automatically updated with each manufacturing process.

Human Resource
For an efficient HR management using Odoo, you have to install Timesheet, Employee Directory, Leave Management, Recruitment Process, Expense Tracker, and Attendants apps from Odoo. One of the useful features of Odoo HRM module is the automation of recruitment process with the help of the website.

Point of Sale Management
The Simple and user-friendly interface of Odoo Point of sales module let the user configure and complete his all POS needs with hassle-free steps. You can install POS app from Odoo to enable this module. Like other modules, POS is also integrated with Inventory, Accounting, and CRM modules thus providing live updating and efficient management.

Website and E-commerce
Odoo is always ahead of user needs. Website and E-commerce is such a novel feature. You can make your own website and carry out E-commerce activities without depending on other third-party apps. The website also plays a big role in other modules.

Project Management
Project Management is a collection of a guided process to achieve a specified target. That may include initiation, planning, assignation, controlling, analysis and closing. Project management app is one of the powerful tools in Odoo. Where we can run all projects with user-defined workflow. To enable project management functionalities in Odoo, you need to install Odoo Project App.

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