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Compare Open Source vs Closed Source Software

Compare Open Source vs Closed Source Software
Compare Open Source vs Closed Source Software

Closed Source or Open Source? Choose the Right ERP for boosting your businesses.

An Enterprise Resource Planning is a software that helps in running you varied businesses successful and smoother. There are numerous ERPs available in the market promising a bright business growth. ERP costs vary on the basis of its feature and technical interpretations. There are many ERP software which is costly like SAP, Oracle and Microsoft’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software specifically crafted for Small and Medium Businesses.

This often results negative among small-scale enterprises. The small budget enterprises may not fit themselves in establishing a good ERP for their business. The huge costs roll them back from setting up the desired needs. They remain huge dent on their balance sheets. On the other hand, if businesses for an open source ERP, the license fee is ruled out and customization is done with minimal charge. Whereas a closed ERP, the license is not just a one-time affair but it’s an ongoing one. The company has to pay Annual Maintenance fees and also yearly license fees.
Probably these are few reasons companies are looking out for more cost-effective options like Open source ERP software for Small and Medium Size business. This will make a huge difference in the pocket of your organization since if you have a low budget you can opt to even test for your organization adaptation. There are many Open source ERP software available in the market and the leading one is Open ERP i.e. Odoo.

Open ERP provides ERP implementation relatively cheaper. Being open source, the source code can be downloaded free of cost, with no license fee. This helps the small scale industries in establishing the software without much investment. The saved amount can be utilized for better customization drawing more input. The USP of Open ERP is its scope of customization. It offers a high degree of customization. The users can customize their database as per the requirement for more efficiency. In addition, being an Open ERP is backed by the strong community of developers constantly improving its functionalities and technicalities. The developer community in Odoo constantly thrives to improve it’s standard keeping them an Open Source. The main feature of Open ERP dominance is that there is no vendor lock-in. On the other hand, a closed source ERP puts the users in trouble with vendor lock-in. The users thereby have to depend on the mercy of software authority to retrieve or get back to the software.

Now a day’s companies are switching to Open ERP from their existing proprietary software to reap the benefits of customization and low investment. Not only big corporations but also small & midsized companies are actively selecting Open ERP as their ERP tool.

To summarize it, good software is the one which works according to you and not the other way round. Similarly, Open ERP works for you as per your needs and not the other way round as in a case of SAP, Microsoft, and Oracle.

Hope this article gave you an idea to choose the best for your businesses. Good Luck!

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