Configuring Bank accounts in Odoo

September 13, 2019 · 2 minutes read

For every account-based software, it is recommended to have a bank account management system where the user can add or remove the required bank account without any hassle. In Odoo accounting module a user can manage or can add multiple bank accounts. This blog is mainly focusing on how to add and edit a bank account. Compared to other ERP Software, configuring or setting up a bank account in odoo is simple and easier. 

1. How to create a bank account.

Select the menu from the option 

Accounting-> Configuration -> Add a Bank Account

Once the option is selected, a new dialog box will open. Select the Create button.

Configuring Bank accounts in Odoo

Once the option is selected, you can add the bank name on the field indicated as “Bank“, account number and the code of the bank. 

You can see a few options like debit method and payment method. Let’s discuss it in detail.

Debit Methods: It is used to define the method of collecting money. We can see two types of payment methods. There are electronic and manual.

Payment method: It is used to define how the money is transferred to other parties.

2. How to Edit a bank account

Select the option the same as creating an account in odoo,

Go to Accounting -> Configuration -> Bank Accounts.

Select the required bank that needs to be updated and click the edit button. It will then make the page into an editable format.

Configuring Bank accounts in Odoo

3. How to Deleting a Bank Account.

Go to Accounting -> Configuration -> Bank Accounts

 You can see the list of the saved bank account on the page. Select the required bank and you can see a button named ” action ” click on it, a list of option will pop up and select the delete option.

Action -> Delete

Configuring Bank accounts in Odoo

Setting up a bank account and other related credentials are simple with odoo compared to other Erp software. Odoo uses simple and easy options which makes the users understand the concept easily and complete the process without any mistakes. 


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