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Difference Between CRM and ERP

March 21, 2018 · 4 minutes read

CRM(Customer Relationship Management)

Customer Relationship Management is about clients. It analyses the client information and organize the data into more structured way; which will be useful for improving the customer relationship and overall business growth. It gathers every essential data that you have to know about the customer. Odoo CRM is a popular example.

The scientific data collection and data organization methods in CRM can be utilized for creating sales report, sales prediction, understanding the customer needs and even reaching out to new clients. The CRM data can be further utilized vertically inside the organization. Such as the customer details verification, home delivery, informing new offers and all. Furthermore, the higher administration can utilize the information for knowing their client needs, habits, buying the pattern and ultimately for retaining the customer.

However, the Different organization has diverse requirements and often customization becomes essential for CRM systems. One of the greatest advantages of the Odoo CRM is modularity and customization support. Odoo can be customized to meet any type of business needs without affecting its ongoing working nature.

ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning)

While CRM is all about the customer, the ERP is all about the entire business process. Let’s say CRM as a subset of ERP. ERP organize and structure the business data and helps the organization to take perform its optimal level. It provides a centralized approach to whole business process and the higher administration can view the entire pattern of the business from a single point.

With ERP, the employee can gather the data on different processes in the business, empowering them to comprehend the procedures its flow and manage them in a more appropriate way. The information immune them from taking any false decision and act as a feedback loop, empowering the business in long run.

There are many ERP products available on the market. Proprietary software Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Oracle and the Open source products like Odoo.

Distinctive organizations have diverse needs and consequently, they decide on custom development. Odoo, being the best open source ERP customization options are plenty for it.

The difference?

both CRM and ERP are innately not the same as each other. The CRM of any business concentrates on giving a streamlined channel to enhance sales systems. On the other hand, ERP concentrates on enhancing the business procedure and henceforth lessening the overhead or any cost related to the organization.

But the common meeting point is that they both work for enhancing the business, one expects to enhance business sales and ERP helps to streamline the workflows and cost reduction.

Do You Need Both?

The appropriate response relies upon the size of the business. A small venture with limited prospects and competition doesn’t need the luxury of an ERP. However, the need of CRM is an absolute necessity. It is better not to take a risk on the most imperative resource of the organization, which is the customer.

ERP solutions can be implemented in later stages or as the business grows. When you identify the complexity of the business process is hindering the growth potential, then ERP becomes a necessity.

Understanding Both Are Important

CRM and ERP are essential for any business. One without other is indeed an incomplete circle. But understanding the right time to implement ERP is also important. Both working in tandem will enhance the internal productivity as well as growth trajectory of an organization. If you are still confused whether you need an ERP or CRM, seek the help of ERP Consultants, for getting a better advice


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