ERP Mistakes and how to avoid them?

March 21, 2018 · 3 minutes read

2. overcommitment is a similar mistake done by ERP providers. To keep up with the stiff competition, vendors often make unnecessary commitments which may be beyond the limit of their capacity. So only make commitments only on the existing & upcoming features of the ERP system.

3. Different ERP tools are available for different domains of business across the different market. In some cases, ERP providers manage to implement ERP solutions which are not the exact business request of the client; and results is the disappointment in execution.

4. Planning, Planning, Planning.. and go according to the plan. Another always discussed area but still missed by many of the ERP providers. Using a systematic approach to planning and execution is a necessity of the present business environment.

5. selecting an inappropriate plan is likewise a most widely recognized oversight done by ERP organizations. Since different ventures need distinctive methodologies to cop up with the problems may arise during the implementation; determining them in advance and choosing the right implementation plan is a necessary thing.

6. Off base business process mapping is another reason behind ERP disappointment. Since it disturbs the harmony between business process and ERP system. So having a better arrangement for correct business mapping is also a necessity.

7. Failing to showcase the benefits of the ERP system is a standout amongst the most widely recognized oversights done by the ERP providers. So adequate measures must be taken to convince the client about the advantages of the system

8. Missing a client-driven approach is one of the basic errors done by the ERP organizations since the attention is dependably on ERP systems, ERP providers tend to give minimal significance to the client-driven approach, so this aspect also must be covered for a successful ERP implementation.

9. Irrational budget handling and inappropriate resource allocation are big tragedy happen to many ERP providers. Proper systematic methods and budget management concepts must be followed without any compromise.

10. Communication gap is another mostly seen ERP implementation disasters. Predefined and Dedicated communication channel along with dedicated contact persons always must be there for a smooth execution of ERP system.

11. Lack of seriousness about the deadlines and deliverables is definitely a serious problem. An unfocused approach about the deadlines and deliverables will create a cumulative effect at the end.


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