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Features of Odoo CRM

March 20, 2018 · 3 minutes read

Customer Relationship Management, which is the most important part of a business, is simplified in Odoo CRM system. Odoo CRM is a combination of 8+ Apps and Plugins. For efficient management of customer relation, you can install all the following Apps/Plugins.

  • CRM
  • CRM Gamification
  • Marketing campaign
  • Survey CRM
  • Contact Form
  • Resellers
  • Lead to Issue
  • Opportunity to quotation

Since any discussion on CRM can’t be completed without sales procedure, in this blog I will be explaining CRM combined with sales module. You can install the following apps related to sales to get the sales operations.

  • Sales
  • Sales Teams
  • Sales and MRP management
  • Margins in sales orders etc.

The first application ‘sales’ alone can facilitate all sales related procedures rest is options. However, for a better sales management, you may install rest of the apps also.  You can find more related applications from Apps tab in your ERP.

Comparing to other CRM applications like SalesForce, Zoho, and Sugar CRM Odoo has a lot of unique features. If we consider the case of ‘Salesforce’ Odoo has an advantage of features like Price list, Quotation Templates, eSignature, Online Payment, Invoicing, Customer Portal, Shipper Integration, Leads Tracking, Social Network Integration etc. If it is in the case of Zoho the list changes to Pipeline management, Next Action, Multiple companies per contract, Pricelist, Quotation Templates, eSignature, Drag and Drop management etc. Undoubtedly Odoo user interface is the easiest and user-friendly among all these CRM’s.

Some of the useful features of Odoo CRM includes

  • Priorities activities

Priorities the follow-up activities in a pipeline and meet your targets efficiently

  • Track your sales activities.

Track the sales stages more easily via sales pipeline Kanban view.

  • Schedule Meetings

Schedule meetings directly from the opportunity section

  • Dashboards

Get all the necessary details of ongoing and done business activities in your Dashboard

  • Get in touch with customers

Maintain Communication with customers via email, phone, chat, and social media from within your Odoo CRM.

  • Leads Promotion

Start campaign by sending auto-generated emails to customers in Leads. Assign a salesperson to follow the lead and promote it.

  • Opportunities Analysis

Analyze your opportunities pipeline with advanced filters, grouping, drill down, etc.

  • Lead Scoring

Score your leads based on explicit and implicit criteria and decide which lead satisfies the benchmark to become an opportunity.

  • Customized Alerts

Set custom alerts for opportunities based on some activities

  • Analyze Opportunity lost

Analyze the reasons behind the loss of opportunities and improve your sales efficiency.

  • GeoIP

Detect countries, states, and cities of leads automatically from your visitor IP address.

  • Automate routines and Focus on sales

Automate routine business activities, don’t waste time on maintaining data.


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