How to Download Odoo 13

September 18, 2019 · 2 minutes read

Odoo is celebrated as one of the most user-friendly and highly customizable ERP software for both small and medium businesses. Odoo 13 is just around the corner and each version release comes with major and minor improvements.

Odoo 13 comes with some extra features which will turn odoo 13 more advancings than its previous versions. Website Form Builder and Sales Coupon modules of odoo 12 enterprise edition will be changed to community edition in odoo 13. HR Payroll module will be changed in vice versa.

Some Additional Odoo 13 Features:

  • For managing employee skills, a new module called ‘HR Skills’ is added.
  • ‘Leave’ module is renamed into ‘Time Off’.
  • New Search Panel
  • ‘Delivery Method’ module is renamed into ‘Shipping method’
  • Product Videos will be displayed in eCommerce
  • Payroll Planning
  • New App Field Service Management
  • List View Improvements
  • Smart Buttons in user forms
  • Tap to Scan option

The above listed are some major features. However, apart from these, Odoo Experience 2019 is expected to unveil some more changes. The reason why Odoo is so prominent and favorite among the business community is its modular architecture. Which means each module can be integrated to form a single structure. This structure of odoo helps the organization to install the required modules in odoo 13.

Here, I’m going to discuss how to download odoo 13. Officially odoo 13 is not released yet. But you can download the new version odoo 13 from Github.

Step 1: Access the given address
Step 2: Change the branch version to master

Step 3: Select the “Clone or Download” button in the right corner area.

Step 4: Download the ZIP file.
Step 5: Extract the file and Install !!!


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