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How to set default value in Odoo?

April 25, 2018 · 4 minutes read

Before we get straight to our mission i.e. understanding of how to set the default value in Odoo, let us make a quick glance at the Odoo software and what makes it predominant and necessitating in implementing the Odoo open source ERP in our day to day business.

With growing technologies and online marketing, no matter how your business is (small or big), the need to experiment and upgrade them via latest technologies is a must. A single software for handling different business functions makes them smooth and excellent in running. It is a tedious job to manage each function like Human Resource, Customer Relations, Warehouse management, Trading and much more in different software, as they often result in miss management and ineffective business communications. With an Enterprise Resource Planning Software, every action come under one single window making it easier to track and establish an efficient communication. It encompasses every function that a well-running business looks for.

For this very reason, Odoo the rising open source ERP showcased a remarkable growth in the past few years, especially in the Asian and European markets. The finest quality products and services rendered by Odoo makes it highly advocated and demanding. This article has outlined few reasons for choosing Odoo and how to set a default value in Odoo for making your work easier and efficient.

For any software to be in high demand, the first thing that goes along is its way of working and handling. We often encounter with software that is built with high defined options but little tricky and challenging to use. But it comes easy with Odoo to get your task done, as they come up with the simple user interface and latest functionalities. The color theme makes it comfortable to eyes.

Though the interface is kept simple, it is embedded with multiple features that help you to generate more output for business thereby boost the productivity Odoo ERP has lots of functionalities on offer and with right configuration and customization, it can generate good results.

Odoo is highly modular making it employable in every sector. Starting with basic modules, Odoo can be further integrated with additional custom modules. Odoo serves a platform to apply an innumerable number of applications as per the requirement. It acts an open platform welcoming further changes according to the needs. The business app suite offers quite a number of modules that you can employ when required as the modular approach lets you add more applications and modules later.

In next, a high degree of customization makes it best suitable for any business environment. Continuous innovations and scalability are the two vital features that make Odoo a suitable platform for your business.

A business always comes with huge investment and greater risk. Therefore, every step in business needs to be taken with utmost care, so that your budget remains intact. Odoo has a relatively low cost of ownership. The total cost of ownership in Odoo is very low and you can surely save some of your resources here.

Odoo being an open source, it is not controlled by any specific group of people. Also, your tech team can customize the source code and apply their own patches for enhancing the functionality of your system, fixing any recognized bugs or to customize it according to your requirements. In short, there is no vendor lock-in problem with Odoo ERP making it smoother to handle.

It is easy to set a default value on Odoo. Here you can reduce some of your working efforts by setting up default value enabling you from not entering the same value in a field again and again for different records.

The steps are the following:
Step 1: Enable the developer mode.
Step 2: Open the form you want to set a default value to in Edit Mode.

For example, medicine here I am going to set defaults on customer form.

How to set default value in Odoo 1

Step 3: Suppose you want to set the Customer Payment Term to “30 Net Days”, then go to accounting tab and select it from the drop-down list.

How to set default value in Odoo 2

Step 4: Now click on debug menu and select Set Defaults from the drop-down list.

How to set default value in Odoo 3

Step 5: A popup comes up and on the Default field you will have the option. All you need to do is enter the option to be set as default from the drop-down list. You need to specify the number of users before setting the default. Now save the defaults by clicking on the Save Default button.

How to set default value in Odoo 4

Step 6: If you go to the Setting -> Technical -> Action -> User-defined Defaults you will see the default value. Just set them.

How to set default value in Odoo 5


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