Odoo 11 Features

March 21, 2018 · 3 minutes read

Improved API, quicker Interface, Developer targeted and much more! yes, you scan that right! Odoo Version eleven, need to understand additional details? scan further!

Odoo users have already tasted the latest version of Odoo ERP, Odoo 11.  In this latest version, the Odoo has given much priority to improve the quality of Odoo and grant higher accessibility to the development team & end-users.

Notable changes in Odoo V11 are as follows:

A new website dashboard has been incorporated along with a number of keyboard shortcuts. With the new keyboard shortcuts, the navigation is faster than previous versions of Odoo V.11- Payumoney and payment Stripe has new payment acquirers integrated with it.

The new version has gifted many notable features for Odoo community. Odoo V11 community version has a better speed, improved GUI, dynamic mobile interface and higher usability.

Odoo enterprise has also undergone a considerable change in V11.  Accounting, Odoo studio, Localization, report and dashboard interface and many other modules have highly benefited from the latest updates.  Another area which has witnessed changes in Odoo enterprise version is the website optimization. To improve the reach of the online shop, Odoo has added features like robot statement generation and inclusion, ID removal from URLs,  Proper menu linking, shorter and proper URL support and so on.

Along with the major changes described so far, there are numerous other changes in almost all modules, let’s have a fast look at some of it (Odoo community version).

  • Accounting module
    • Analytic accounting support.
    • Supports Bank statement preparation by just importing the CAMT.053 XML files containing the data.
    • Cash Rounding
  • Sales Module
    • Sales-CRM Split
    • New menu to manage price list, product catalog, and variants
  • CRM Module
    • Smart visual indicators in Kanban view
    • Schedule more than one activity on Leads/Opportunities
    • Company contact info auto-completion
  • POS Module
    • Multi price list
  • Project Management
    • Duplicate task merge
  • Timesheet Application
    • The fresh interactive search for Timesheet recording.
    • Timesheet validation update, report generation, time sheet and attendance difference analysis.
    • Timesheet and Attendance
    • Updated time sheet flow.
  • Updated Product Catalog App:
    • The updated product catalog app allows the user to access it simply from apps dashboard.
  • Subscription App
    • Subscription app has a new dashboard, analysis by companies, and follower analysis features.

The discussion module also has undergone many changes including new shortcuts and all. Additionally, Odoo 11 also incorporate features like Odoo WMS, Odoo subscription etc.. Stay updated with us to get more details of Odoo V11.


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