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August 16, 2019 · 3 minutes read

Odoo earlier known as OpenERP is a software application that covers all the business requirements for an organization, no matter how big or small. Implementing Odoo ERP in workplaces not only improves the quality but also the efficiency of the business operations. 

This application is too flexible and can adopt changes easily so as to fit as per the industry workflow. Odoo 13 is all set to hit the market very soon and with the new version there bring new features in addition to Odoo 12. In the Odoo 13  version, some of the modules are moved to community edition. Features like Sales coupon and promotion module, Website form builder are moved to Community Edition from Enterprise. HR Payroll Module is moved from Odoo 13 Community Edition to Enterprise. Let us check out the amazing features of Odoo 13.

  1. List view Improvements, A major improvement or the feature of Odoo 13 is List view improvement. Using this feature,  the grouped list can be edited or modified. If you have many groups in the list instead of having all the groups listed in the pages,  a pager is displayed, giving you a much-simplified view of the same. We can also edit several records in a row in editable list views. Navigation through the cells is made easier with arrows in the list views.
  2. Sale coupon and Promotion Module is moved from enterprise edition and is a part of Community edition with Odoo 13. This helps you to provide discounts straight away from your store because earlier this option was available only in enterprise edition and is now available in the community version of Odoo 13.
  3. Website Form Builder is moved to the community from the enterprise. The website form builder allows you to create different forms that can be used to collect customer information and can allow the business websites to add custom forms on any webpage.
  4. Skill Management Module, Enterprise edition can now manage the skills with Odoo ERP. Version 13 brings a distinct module, HR skills for distinct management of employee skill. This module will help you to manage training sessions, manage employee skills, etc in parallel.
  5. Ribbon Widget, It will allow you to show the status of the invoice and can be added easily on the top right corner or in the title.

Though there are many features added and improved in Odoo version 13, the above-mentioned features are ones that offer you more benefits compared to other features. 


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