Odoo 13 Website Form Builder

August 26, 2019 · 2 minutes read

Odoo website builder is an open-source website builder, that helps to create websites without using complex codes such as HTML. Odoo website builder is highly recommended for business owners who need a website for frequently publishing their products. The website builder comes handy for small business owners as well as individuals who wish to start their own online presence. Odoo 13 website builder form surely will aid in building a simple, yet a responsive website. Form builders are very useful for blogs and for basic landing pages which will allow the visitors to get the business information they are looking for.

We all know that a website acts as an online presence and the purpose is to convey specific information. It will then act as a helpful medium for the users or the audience. Each website is different in nature and different websites will have different purposes based on the organization. In order to build a simple and impressive website, one can use the Odoo website builder for creating websites. In Odoo 13, Odoo website form builder is moved to community edition from enterprise, and this will allow you to create different website forms which can be used to input the organizational information as contact forms and to collect customer information.

Detailed steps on how to install and modify the website are given below:

Step 1: Go to Apps
Search for Forum_builder in the search box. Make sure you are searching for the module not apps in the search box.

Step 2: Install the Form Builder

Step 3: Go to the Website option on the left corner.
select the website option on the top left corner drop-down menu and select the website. This will take you to the website builder form.

Step 4: Select Edit
From the window you can see and option edit on the top right corner and by clicking on the menu will show you the blocks. There you can see structures, features, effects and inner content options. Just click on any required block and drag-drop to the page.

This is how you can build a customized web page using the Odoo website builder.

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