Odoo 15 Is One of the Advanced Versions of Odoo

January 19, 2022 · 5 minutes read

Business management has always been the requirement in the aspects of the operation of companies all around the world. With methodologies of bringing in advanced operations control and operations strategies, the business worldwide has been implementing different solutions and tools that will cater to every operational requirement of the company and to productivity improvement. With the turn of the current century, the aspects of digitalization and automation have walked into the business management aspects bringing in advanced controlling tools and solutions which will pave the way for the effective operational management of the companies operations. Today numerous business management solutions are available in the market, offering dedicated control and operations tools for the business operations management of the companies.

What most of the businesses, as well as the institutions, struggle with these days is the aspects of choosing the right tool and solutions for the company which will meet the operational requirements of the business owners in the elements of complete control and management. Moreover, the business should opt for the right solutions that cater to the operation’s needs and are flexible and capable of undergoing advanced procedures for the business operations. Odoo ERP is one such software tool bringing in advanced operations control and capability to experience business operations management for the entire functioning of the business operations. With the dedicated approach and modular control of business management aspects of a company and the customization capability of the Odoo platform, the software is now being used by over 5 million people worldwide. Moreover, with characteristics of high performance and advanced operations efficiency in business operations management, the Odoo ERP stands out among the business management software solutions available in the market today.

Odoo has been releasing a new version every year since 2014. We currently have the latest Odoo 15, the most advanced Odoo ever, bringing in advanced operations capabilities and controlling aspects of the business with high efficiency and control. Odoo 15 was released in the last Odoo experience of 2021, one of the largest gatherings of Odoo users, lovers, partners, supporting organizations, and all Orders. The event was conducted online due to the ongoing pandemic situations. All the participants took part virtually and had a successful Odoo experience with talk and discussion from experts and Odoo users. The new Odoo 15 is the most advanced and efficient system for the business management aspects bringing in advanced control and operation aspects for the business operations.

Here is an insight on the new features of the Odoo 15, which make it an exceptional business management tool capable of undergoing any form of business management along with advanced capabilities of control of the business operation.

New and editable Graph and Pivot view will provide the advanced capability of customized reporting of the various aspects of operations of the business. Accessible through the modules’ reporting menu, the Studio application in Odoo will provide the right capability to create and configure the Graph and Pivot views the way you need them. This shows an advanced method of report generation for the business operations aspects, which will be extremely helpful for the companies to bring in advanced operational control of the operations by editing the carts and graph views through the Studio application of the Odoo platform. Moreover, with the new and advanced Import Screen, importing external data to the Odoo platform can be done with ease. With the capability to import the invoices, documents, tables, lists, and many more regarding every aspect of operating with the new and improved view of the platform, you will obtain a complete picture of import operations and the capability to control it.

Furthermore, a new HTML editor window is available, which will provide complete control into the operations of the webpage management. Here you can edit the HTML codes for the web pages based on the function needs and configure them accordingly. Additionally, Odoo 15 can set up a new cover image for the project and tasks defined in the platform. This will provide an ideal way to describe the operations of the Project and the tasks allocated in it. The new Gift card support feature in Odoo 15 will provide an improved insight into the functional management of the Gift Card operations for the sales and PoS operations. Furthermore, these Gift Cards received can be used as payment methods during the eCommerce purchase from the company website.

Additionally, with an improved interface and a new look at business management operations, the latest Odoo 15 will improve operations efficiency for business management needs. Choosing Odoo is the first step towards excellence in business management. With its capability to provide a complete insight into the operations and advanced operations capabilities and operational control of the business, the Odoo ERP is the most reliable tool. Furthermore, with its advanced capability and operations control of the business operations, the Odoo platform will bring in reliability, complete control of operations, efficiency, and enhanced performance for the business operations management of the aspects of the platform.


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