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Odoo Customization and Implementation Overview

April 9, 2018 · 4 minutes read

Darwin’s theory of evolution precisely specifies the importance of being perfect and unique. It underlines the statement, Survival of the Fittest in coming ecological period. It’s widely applicable in today’s industrial revolution. No matter, how big is your business in this fast paced world, a complete integrated tool is much in demand to effectively manage and implement your business needs. Odoo, can act as the medicine for your business woes.

A Solid-Degree of Odoo development can enrich your business results. Odoo Customization consists of various sessions of development that can raise the level of your website development expertise & resources.
While addressing Odoo Customization, the first and foremost basic action calls for ‘template tuning’. By template tuning, we derive artistic modifications by customizing logo, images, banners, headers, various links, and the likes according to the customer needs. Here the change is made in the existing functional Odoo template to suit the context.

Odoo Customization is generally the cheapest way to get your changes done. Right from minor changes to wholesome changes of your website, it can be the cheapest, quicker and easier method. In fact most of the Odoo Customizations are made easy in such a way that, it can be performed by the end-client themselves without any basic website development or Odoo development experience. More over to ensure professionalism, it is always best to go in hand with service providers or Odoo developers.

The Odoo Customization allows clients to enter the market with a fully functional E-commerce giving a powerful and successful E-commerce application experience. It is safe, cost effective for small, medium and larger businesses to leverage E-commerce particularly Odoo in their online initiatives and operations at minimum risk.

World class Odoo with basic

Simply taking a fully functional Odoo template and customizing them, immediately meets the branding requirements of the business. This is truly a blessing, for those who dreamt of launching their own business tools in the market. For a startup businesses with a minimum budget that desire a professional website, Odoo is the right choice. Implementing Odoo with basic Customizations will suit all their needs to set up a professional and highly functional online business solutions.

Here we go with advantages of Odoo customizations.

  • A business can go to the market quickly with their E-commerce website
  • Small up-front investment.
  • A greater degree of stability in using a previously developed and established Odoo template.
  • Leveraging a stable standards based on Odoo template allows you to experiment with E-commerce without making a significant up-front investment. Tuning an Odoo template can result in a very attractive and professional website presence if done by the right people.

Odoo development and template integration

This involves a greater process of customization and experience. It is much more complicated and derives a greater degree of experience. Odoo development is required from the developer or company commissioned to do the work. Unlike the ‘template tuning’ process of Odoo Customization were the existing functional template is used and simply ‘tuned’ to suite the client-needs, this type of Odoo Customization requires integrating the custom design template directly into the Odoo front-end system files to create a completely new fresh look & feel. It requires a complete integration process where the process requires professional Odoo development and Odoo Implementation services as well as a degree of strong Odoo development and template integration experience.

Why Odoo template needed

In most cases a designer will design the custom Odoo templates. A professional integrator develop the customized Odoo template into the Odoo Commerce platform .The main advantage when undertaking Odoo Customization that involves ‘Custom Odoo Template Development. Integration’ is the end result embedding all your company desires.

Levels of Odoo customization

  • It is the simple process of taking an existing fully functional Odoo template and making some changes from front-end or back-end changes.
  • The process of taking a brand new Odoo template in the form of a design, integrating into a functional Odoo-store.
  • The process of Odoo Customization involves modifying or influencing the nature of the standard core-Odoo system to achieve ones presentation and functional objectives either from the front-end or back-end.


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