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Odoo Employee Daily Work Report

April 19, 2018 · 4 minutes read

Daily reporting is utmost crucial for the success and longevity of any company. Each employee’s contribution matters a lot for the positive growth of a business or an enterprise. Thus a report on the daily activities of the employee’s acts as a gateway in risk management and risk prevention as it timely updates the overall tasks carried by each employee in the organization. A daily report is made mandatory in every organization for keeping updated on every action undertaken and thereby holding a transparent communication between the employees and management.

To many, a daily report is a mere summary of the daily activities carried at the office. But precisely said, it embarks three main features which are utmost crucial to business growth and progress. And they are:

  • Accomplishment of goals
  • Achievement of goals
  • Managing of conflicts.

A daily report should be well composed, well detailing on the task carried/ ongoing. A standard and structured daily report not only gives an evaluation report of the employee performances but also the necessary changes to be met to ensure better performances and growth within employee and the company overall. At times it acts as a reference report for boosting other employees to increase their production capacity.

Therefore in order to uphold the enshrined values like equality of production, prevention of severe costs and safety risk, ensuring the project remains on the right track, today’s company makes daily reporting a priority. Any of the above objectives are negatively impacted due to a lack of daily reports, it can lead to injuries, lawsuits, costs in the hundreds of thousands, and the demise of a company altogether.

Therefore it is crucial to own a software that helps in the effective management of a daily report. Odoo has the best solution for finite implementation of Daily reporting and allied activities.

Odoo Employee Daily Work Report gives you a platform to closely observe the minute happenings of the official activities carried by the employees. It accesses the employers to watch and analyze different tasks accomplished by their employees and team members. It gives you a clear stature on the work goals and performances of each employee in the organization.

To describe in detail, here are the features of an Odoo Employee Daily Work Report

  • Employees are authorized to send their work report by using this module.
  • Introduce new group for the work report.
  • A provision to send the last five days working report altogether to an employer, if he/she forgets to send the daily report.
  • Timesheet lines are automatically added to work report.
  • A user can introduce reporting managers in the department.
  • A user can introduce reporting manager for a particular employee.

Workflow of the module

The first step of initiation is to click on the highlighted icon to create your work report (refer the screenshot below)

Odoo Employee Daily Work Report-1

Once you click on the icon, a pop-up window will arise showing all the relevant details regarding your work report.

Odoo Employee Daily Work Report-2

In case you want to receive your own working report, enable “Want to receive the copy of the mail” option.

Odoo Employee Daily Work Report-3

Further, if you want to submit the missing work report for some day, all you need to do is mention the date of work report you need to get submitted (refer the screenshot below).

Odoo Employee Daily Work Report-4

If your task is in working stage for which you are submitting the work report, there comes a pop up with an information, that stop your tasks in order to submit the report.

Odoo Employee Daily Work Report-5

With selecting “Reporting Managers” option, you can assign him/her to approve your work report.

Odoo Employee Daily Work Report-6

Every employee has an associated reporting manager. He will approve the daily work report of the employee.

Odoo Employee Daily Work Report-7

Employees daily work report is recorded in “Daily Reporting” submenu under “Daily Work Report” menu.

Odoo Employee Daily Work Report-8

Just follow the path Employee> Task, to review work report lines of the employee.

Odoo Employee Daily Work Report-9


Hope this article was useful to understand the importance of daily reporting and Odoo’s beneficial option to execute the task with utmost clarity and perseverance.


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