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Odoo ERP Functional Training

April 30, 2018 · 4 minutes read

Odoo Open source ERP is a complete suite of management software catering to all business applications like Sales, POS, Inventory Management, Human Resource, Customer Relations, Trading and many more. Odoo being comprehensive and highly modular, the application is widely advocated for implementing in all business sizes running from small to medium and thereby large. Despite business size and complexity in operations, Odoo stands firm in meeting all desired actions and functions.

The Odoo implementation is set in simpler format popularizing its features and effectiveness among organizations of all size. Despite the simple format, it offers a low-cost deployment, no vendor lock-in, a high degree of customization and frequent updating.

The popularity of ODOO has already raised many eyebrows. Today there is a huge demand for experts and learned professionals in handling every aspect of ODOO right from the installation to troubleshooting, handling its modules to generic business processes and carrying out smooth functional operations to a configuration of standard modules.

Before we get into the details of functional training in Odoo ERP, firstly understand the reason why Odoo ranks as a prominent choice among different features. What are the enlisting benefits that make Odoo worthy and demanding?

Here are few astonishing features that advocate its wide implementation among business circles.

  • Financial and Accounting Management.
  • Sales, Purchase and Inventory management
  • IT resources and Human Resource Management
  • Recurring invoice automation and transport fleet management
  • Multiple users interface, and multi-platform server & clients.
  • Complete modularity and unparalleled adaptation to the enterprise.
  • Marketing campaigns and automation of tasks
  • Multilingual user interfaces

As Odoo is a vast application, it needs a technical training before the implementation. A professional training at the onset period helps you to extract every benefit that encompasses the software. On the other hand, if a proper training is not delivered or attended, there is a high risk of information loss and reduced capacities. For this reason, every official partner in this Odoo sector provides their clients an Open ERP/Odoo functional training. This particular training sets a true professional tone, covering all the aspects of functional implementation and deployment in Open ERP/Odoo frameworks.

They ensure that training is delivered via extensively experienced ERP professionals who can leverage their professional expertise and experience to aid the training participants to learn the deep-delved concepts of functional aspects of ERP.

The main focus of functional training is to extend a helping and to those professionals, who are in quench of getting and adapting more knowledge thereby turning highly productive via contributing more to the organizational processes.

In most cases, the functional training will run for a week or a period of 10 days. Soon after the successful completion of the functional training, a professional will be able to manage the following actions.

  • Successfully install, administer and configure Open ERP/ODOO through standard modules and also create new modules as per the requirement.
  • Turns as an efficient Open ERP/ODOO consultant capable of offering valuable advice for improving the productivity of an organization.
  • Ability to perform competent GAP Analysis and meet required changes in front-end GUI.

Pre-requisites of Open ERP/ODOO Functional Training Program:

  • Get self-equipped with a laptop/ computing devices.
  • Ensure that respective computing device has access to the official website of Open ERP/ODOO
  • Gather basic understandings of a business process for effectively implementing and understanding of the technical potentialities of Odoo ERP/ Odoo during the training.
  • Make sure the computing device possess the latest stable version of Open ERP/ODOO
  • Understanding of Enterprise Resource Management and rules of management processes. This will help you to develop a better understanding of technical concepts in Open ERP/ODOO during the training.

In short, only a functional training in Odoo set the right tone to reach the desired level of professionalism in any of its implementations.


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