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Odoo ERP Manufacturing Implementation

April 4, 2018 · 3 minutes read

A completely integrated ERP and manufacturing system to help you run your business better and efficient.

Unlike other ERP software implementation like Trading, manufacturing ERP software is more complicated because of its characteristics. Manufacturing ERP system consists of business processes which run manufacturing operations and that needs to be managed properly. Various processes such as inventory management, design process, procurement, quality control and order management processes are typically part of any manufacturing ERP software and therefore implementation takes a tricky route. Before implementing the manufacturing ERP one has to clearly understand the essential elements and key factors to be taken care of. People, Technology, and process are specific to any organization. Therefore for any manufacturing ERP implementation, these three elements are to be taken into prior consideration.

The evaluation process is highly risky and complicated as discussed prior. Therefore a systematic follow up or pattern has to be followed while implementing the task. Firstly, one should have a thorough understanding of the module. An understanding of the client, his/her demands and needs only helps in choosing the right module. This can indirectly turn into a future investment as well. You might be thinking how? A better understandings help in meeting the future implication in the form of changes or deletions in the software.

It is clearly evident that a manufacturing industry has several numbers of requirements with respect to the working behavior. Therefore the basic understanding of different ERP software, analyzing its basic features will help in better implementation and reduction of errors during the process. It helps in reducing the time invested in the project thereby resourcing the energy for future applications.

Once the above credentials are met and diligently taken care of, next step is the customization. The degree of customization can be increased or decreased following the needs of the organization. But make sure the ERP Software you choose supports all areas of your organization. There are no ERP’s available in the market which offers out of the box implementation that fits your needs so there are certain needs of customization in the software for almost every organization who undertake ERP implementation.

Once you are satisfied with the product now it’s time to find a right vendor for implementing ERP solution for a Manufacturing business.

How to find a right ERP vendor for manufacturing implementations.

The Ideal vendor for Manufacturing ERP implementation will have the following characteristics

  • Expertise in Manufacturing Domain
  • Track record of successful implementation in similar industry
  • Size of the Team & Offices Geographical specific.
  • How much customizations handled.
  • Communication between Manager and Team members
  • Resources who are working on the Manufacturing ERP Project
  • Methodology Vendor works with during the implementation
  • Timeline of the Project offered by the vendor

Hope this article answered the basic queries that come to your mind when you start implementing a manufacturing ERP.


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