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March 21, 2018 · 3 minutes read

Odoo is a suite of open-source business applications that cover all your organization needs Accounting, E-commerce, CRM, Project Management, Inventory, and more.

Odoo streamlines complex business processes and helps to improve the business environment as 3+ million users already do. Increase the sales, manage marketing efforts and coordinate entire team and different departments to grow your organization to a new level.

Odoo Mobile Apps:

The Odoo mobile app for Android/Ios has brought a new level of flexibility to Odoo users. Now user can access Odoo from anywhere through an android mobile phone. Each application in the Odoo ERP is now accessible from one local application, enabling you to keep up your reports, records, and administrative tools.

Odoo mobile app is available for Ios and Android operating system. The app is not intended for creating a mobile view of Odoo, but to define specific Odoo functionalities that will have most of their use on a mobile device. With 50000+ downloads it is one of the favorite application that provides ERP features.

Odoo Mobile Apps:

Every application in the odoo database is available from one native app, allowing you to maintain your records, reports, sales, content management. Adaptive content management system ensures that all the screen is optimized for any device and push notifications keeps the user informed about all the actions or tasks he followed.

A standout amongst other CRM portable applications in the market:

Odoo CRM for mobile devices enables the user to view and manage leads and opportunities on the go. the features provided by the software are highly beneficial for sales teams and salespersons, some of them are

1.Great interface

2.A comprehensive set of features

3.Enhanced user experience

The Odoo mobile CRM is unique in its appearance as well as in performance some of the key features are.

1.Operating System:

Odoo mobile CRM is presently available on Android devices only and the user can download it from Google Play store.

2.Complete sales cycle:

The Odoo mobile CRM allows you to access and manage your sales details on the go, means anywhere anytime sales has become possible with Odoo mobile CRM. Everything works smoothly and the sales cycle is now much simpler to manage.


The mobile CRM can be used offline as well as online. On installation, the data is downloaded from the cloud system to the local app. When the app is worked offline, the data is synced to the online system as soon as it is reconnected.

Odoo Mobile App for Ios

Odoo Ios application covers the following features 1.Messaging




Odoo Warehouse:

Do all the warehouse operations from your palm. Manage the stocks, track stock movements, view stock analysis reports and more; easily with Odoo mobile app

Odoo Timesheets:

submit the timesheet from anywhere and anytime, view employee timesheets everything just two clicks away.

Odoo Messages:

Access the contacts in Odoo, send and receive messages, create To Do List and more.

Odoo Dashboards:

Get your favorite Odoo dashboard in mobile view without losing its simplicity.

Using Odoo mobile apps, the user can get to contacts, messages, notes, manage meetings, track the inventory, everything at fingertips. That’s all about Odoo mobile apps, hope the blog gave you some understanding of the applications and its features.


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