Odoo Sales Pipeline

March 20, 2018 · 3 minutes read

Odoo sales pipeline has an important role in converting leads to sales. We can track the developments of opportunity and take necessary actions at the appropriate time to channelize it to sales. When you create an opportunity or convert a lead into an opportunity it will be automatically added to the sales pipeline. In ‘My Pipeline’ (Sales -> My Pipeline) menu, we can see that all the opportunities are grouped by their corresponding stages.

One of the main features of Odoo is the ‘Drag and drop’ facility in this view. We can change the status or stage of an opportunity by simply dragging it from one stage to another.

Pipeline Configurations

We can define our own custom pipeline stages from the configuration

Configuration -> Leads and Opportunities -> Stages

Here we can specify the Stage Name and Stage Probability. Stage probability is the sales conversion probability of this stage. We can relate each stage to a sales team if needed. If we select a team, then this stage will be accessible to those team members only.

Edit/Update Pipeline Content

  • Sales -> My Pipeline

To create new opportunities, click ‘Create’ button. Edit an Existing opportunity select any of the opportunity from the list. We can use the field ‘customer’ to select the customer related to this opportunity. Expected revenue from this Opportunity, sales conversion probability, Meetings scheduled etc. will also be shown here. In the Contact Information tab, the details of the contact related to this opportunity can be specified. The buttons, ‘Mark Won’ and ‘Mark Lost’ are used to mark the opportunity as won or lost.

We can define follow up activities for opportunity nurture it to sales. The entire activity can be tracked from the My Pipeline Kanban view, or from Next Activity.

Next Activity in Odoo Sales pipeline

This is another important settings available in Pipeline. At each stage of Pipeline, we can assign next activity to be done for the follow up of that opportunity. To set next activity

  • Sales -> My Pipeline

At the right bottom of every Lead, we can see a white dot symbol, which can be used to assign Next Activities to this opportunity. Upon clicking it, a new wizard will appear, which will allow us to create the next activity.

The Next Activity can be Email, Call or Task. We should set a date and summary to specify the purpose of this activity.

Note: – “you can track all the recorded ‘Next Activity’ from Sales -> Next Activities”


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