Odoo vs SAP

March 21, 2018 · 3 minutes read

Odoo and SAP both two leading ERP solutions in the global market. While SAP has a legacy of being an unchallenged ERP of a time, the full-fledged Odoo hit the market in recent past. But the features, functionalities and the open source nature has leveraged the advancement of Odoo in such a short time. And today with 3+ million users 730+ service partners and numerous community developers, the Odoo ERP is slowly taking the driving seat of global ERP solutions.

In today’s highly competitive business environment choosing a pertinent ERP solution has become a necessity. In this context, it would be worth to have look at a comparison of two leading ERP solutions SAP and Odoo. Since comparing the entire modules of Odoo and SAP would be a tremendous job, we have selected the MRP modules of ‘Odoo Online’ and its counterpart ‘SAP Business One’ to keep it concise.   You can find a general comparison between Odoo and SAP as well as feature wise analysis of Odoo MRP and SAP business one.

Software Nature

The first thing to highlight in  SAP and Odoo comparison would be the nature of software. The Opens Source, Pluggable, and Community-driven approach of Odoo offers the user more freedom and customization options as compared to SAP. The same nature makes Odoo more flexible to any type business environment. But in the case of SAP, it is a proprietary software and source code is not available. So the customization and scalability factor has a limitation.


While comparing the functionalities of both software, we can see both Odoo and SAP offers all the basic operations an ERP software should have. But Odoo has the advantage of numerous unique features (See the table) which are still essential for many business use cases.  We have included the comparison of just two modules, similarly, we can find many such features in other modules like Finance and Accounting, Human resource, CRM etc.

  • Available with the third party Add-On or Accept barcode as input but there is no direct interface

Along with this, another feature that must be noted about Odoo is the 10,000+ apps in Odoo app store which further amplifies the capabilities of Odoo by providing a lot of customized features and integrations.

Customer Base and Customer Support

According to Odoo, it has 3+ million users worldwide and SAP has about 650,000+ users. In monetary terms, still, SAP leads the market as it costs higher than Odoo. With 730+ Authorized Service Partners and unparalleled community members, Odoo provides a responsive and solution-finding customer support. SAP also provides customer support through online and its 670+ partners worldwide, but the community member’s support gives an upper hand for Odoo.


Looking into the economic aspects is very significant while comparing Odoo and SAP.   Albeit the massive possibilities, it provides Odoo is still cheaper than SAP. Convenient pricing policies like Monthly/Annual payments are available in Odoo and it costs about $75,000 for a five-year license (50 users). On the other hand, SAP Business One costs about $282,625 for the same period.

The features and possibilities of Odoo are even greater if we analyze it’s each and every module. The integrated modules of HR management, Accounting, Sales and Purchase, CRM etc. has to be read along with this to explore the real potential of Odoo ERP.  Of course, SAP has also similar modules and functionalities, yet in an independent analysis, we will agree that Odoo still steps ahead of SAP in many aspects


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