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April 11, 2018 · 3 minutes read

Odoo, open source is known for its customization features. This article trolls you down the use and essentialities of Odoo Website Mega menu.

Mega menu is a two-dimensional drop-down interface that is triggered by the user hovering over a link. All the options available are shown by dropdown under a specified category which contains a group of related products.

A promotional tool called Odoo Website Mega Menu allows customers to navigate easily on Website and hence increases the sale. It helps to improve user-interface by making the website more interactive and attractive.


  • Create Mega Menus in a simple and easy way to different categories.
  • Define categories to be displayed in Mega Menu.
  • A URL for top Mega Menu can be created easily.
  • Enter categories to the number of levels.
  • Display already created Menus as Mega Menus by simple steps.
  • Create as many Mega Menus as you want without any limitation.
  • Change the view of the Mega Menu body by changing the sequence of categories by simple handle navigation.
  • Display images on the Mega Menus as background and display icons on the Top Mega Menus
  • Customize the view of Mega Menus as per choice and theme used on the website by specifying the Text Color and Background Color.
  • Specify the color of the root categories on your choice.
  • Display the configurable header on each Mega Menu.
  • Fully responsive for all type of screens like mobiles, tablets, and computers.


Once the module is installed, click on the Website menu to configure the mega menu global settings.


To save the global configuration: Under website menu> click on your Website Add-ons> configuration link. A mega menu config pop-up window will appear. Define all the desired website mega menu information and click on apply button.

Odoo Website Mega Menu 1

To create a menu:  Under Website menu> click on products> mega menus menu> define all the information like sequence, menu name, select website name, define its URL, select parent menu name, enable mega menu option to show the menus, select images, and icons for background and top menu. Select the categories to display either to All or selected. Once done, click on save button.

Odoo Website Mega Menu 2

List view of the menus created.

Odoo Website Mega Menu 3

Menus: the menu will contain all record of created menus.

Odoo Website Mega Menu 4

From the created record, you can create a mega menu for the corresponding menu by directly clicking on the add mega menu button.

Odoo Website Mega Menu 5

Frontend Working

The created mega menu will appear on the website with selected or all categories and their positions could easily be rearranged.

Odoo Website Mega Menu 6


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