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April 25, 2018 · 3 minutes read

It’s the era of the internet revolution and E-commerce was born out of this as a shining star. This star soon set a revolutionary change in our shopping culture by inducing us to opt for E-Commerce shopping for every need, no matter their categories and prices. Right from small decors to heavy goods like electronics are widely shopped through online, dropping the percentage of traditional shopping experiences. According to statista.com, E-commerce sale is going to surpass 600 billion US dollar in 2019 and this figure clearly explains the power of E-commerce industry. With the proliferation of mobiles and tablets, E-commerce sale is increasing exponentially day by day.

This growth often gives a wrong cliché that every online shopping window is a great success. One might think that it is very much easy to set up and manage an E-store, rather than going to a traditional offline shop. In contrast, an E-commerce store has its own difficult paths and drawbacks limiting their functionalities. For example Product Refund and Return, Maintaining Customers Loyalty, Lack of verification measures, Competing Against Retailer and Manufacturer, Unnoticing of customer issues, Lack of Integration and much more.

Today we are going to encounter with another pitfall in E-Commerce store i.e. The problem of repeat orders from your customers.

Do you have an E-commerce store that troubles you with repeated orders and you look for a solution helping to place an order in more quickly and easier way? But that would only happen if your website supports repeating orders quickly. Here comes the Odoo ERP that not only facilitates the functionalities of an E-Commerce but also comes with customized modules like website reorder, acting as the protection framework to overcome the hurdles faced by an E-Commerce store.

With Odoo Website Reorder, one need not fill the cart via adding products one by one. In Odoo, within two steps, all previously ordered products will automatically be added to your shopping cart.

  • Here we go in Odoo, with the steps to reorder your website.
  • Firstly, identify the sales order
  • You can see a list of all the previously ordered products within a dropdown and you can identify the order.

If you don’t remember the sales order name, you have two more option to identify the sales order that is order date and time.

Odoo website Reorder 1

  • Find the ordered products.

Odoo website Reorder 2

After selecting one of those sales order you can see the list of ordered products with the full description of the name, quantity, price, currency and total price.
You’ll have one Reorder button that enables you to click and thereby add all the products to your cart automatically.

  • Secondly, modify the product list

You can modify the previously ordered product list by adding new products to the list and removing the older products from the list and also you can increase or decrease the quantity of one product according to your need.

Odoo website Reorder 3

Hope this article gave an insight into the mission of reordering you E-commerce website corridor.


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