Product Management in Odoo Inventory

March 20, 2018 · 2 minutes read

Product management Odoo Inventory module is effortless yet highly effective. We can create a product profile and configure all related information in employee master. A product’s inventory details, sales and purchase details, variants, invoicing policy etc. can be configured from product master form. To create a product you can follow the menu;

Inventory > Inventory control > Product > Create

All the fields under this form are very important

  • Can be sold -> If you tick this then the product will be listed in sales
  • Can be Purchased -> If you tick this and the product will be listed in purchase module.
  • Can be Expensed -> Tick this if the product is meant for Internal usage
  • Product type -> whether the product is Stackable, Consumable, or Service

If the company is selling a service, then we can activate this option so that the product won’t be stored in inventory.

Fields Under inventory Tab


  • Routes: – The way which your company acquire this
  • Vendor: – Under this section, you can add the Vendors (suppliers) of this product
  • Tracking: – internal tracking mechanism, either via Lot no or via a Serial number

Under product Variant tab, you can add variants of this Products.

  • Click <Add an Item>
  • add an Attribute for ex: color
  • then add attribute Values

Based on the Attributes and values you provided, the system will generate all combinations of variations under “Variants Button”.

Like this

  • You may delete any variant you don’t
  • Follow Variant Price tab to adjust prices of all variants

You can update inventory attributes like Quantity in Hand and Procurement request etc. from the same window

Product master form is the main form for managing product information in Odoo. You can edit/update or delete product information from product master from i.e. Inventory > Inventory control > Product.


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