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Information Systems in the past decade has undoubtedly played their role in improving the competitiveness of business. The growth of the business to its next level is ensured by this information system application. More than just tools for handling the repetitive tasks, they act as a manual in explaining and detailing the company activities on a daily basis. Today, integrated management software has an unbeatable record of producing the latest version of applications meeting all requirements of clients thus serving as a key source of significant competitive advantage.

For a long time, SAP ruled the enterprise software market with its ERP software products. But with the advent of Open Source software a decade ago, SAP had to reposition its place from first to second in the enterprise resourcing market. The Open ERP which soon got favored to Odoo answered almost every impossibilities and challenge that SAP and other ERP modules were facing. With Odoo, there was a thrust in business demand seeking its implementation in the enterprise resourcing market. Odoo became the central figure to boost the business software market as it fitted itself in catering to the needs of business-related applications. With Odoo, more and more players got into court creating different business suites for rising business. They focused on meeting and manufacturing process to sales and further developing them into marketing. This strategy easily got implemented through Odoo Softwares. Odoo the new entrant in the enterprise software market soon became a challenger to SAP when comparing to big enterprises.

So if you are planning to implement an ERP system for your organization what should be chosen, Odoo or SAP or should you consider Odoo as well along with SAP?

Here is the answer to the above question.

Before making a choice to move ahead whether it’s a product launch or software implementation or buying a product or anything of the kind, it’s necessary to understand the concept first. Therefore let’s start with understanding the concepts like SAP and Odoo before we move ahead. The SAP is an Enterprise Resource Planning software, which has been created by a German company known as SAP SE. It encompasses all the business modules for the proper functioning of the organization. Whereas, Odoo is an Open ERP software, with the much better application or better quoted as a better application than SAP holding an integrated suite of business application modules like Warehouse Management, Human Resource Management, Project Management, Custody Relation Management, E-commerce, Accounting and Finance and much more. According to the recent statistics, SAP has more than 650 K customers/users and 670 partners with strongly competing with Odoo having more than 2M users and 730 partners.

A tour to functionalities of SAP and Odoo


SAP ERP is a built-to-suit enterprise software which has to be customized as per each business systems and processes. SAP also has a product offering called SAP Business for SMEs and is quick to deploy with minimal customizations. Odoo, on the other hand, has a modular structure with each module handling a particular and unique function. Each module thus acts as one boss one command army clearly and specifically doing a single particular task based on the requirement. Both SAP and Odoo can cater to the requirements of the business of all sizes.

Backward Compatibility

When SAP products are created, they are developed with backward compatibility in mind. Whereas, when it comes to Odoo, where sales code are made available to the public.

Resolving Bugs

Though Odoo sounds technically sound, it requires fine-tuning and testing. Only after the release of Odoo 8 bugs got started detecting. Where SAP, bugs are detected and removed on an interval basis resulting few or no bugs in SAP.

The Cost Factor

When it comes to the prices, Odoo definitely is a cheaper alternative. If you can manage your own server infrastructure, the Odoo core software is free. However, even Odoo online, where you just have to pay for services per user based, is much cheaper than SAP Business

In nutshell, SAP is one of the world’s largest enterprise software provider and its product are mature enough to handle the most complicated requirements of large enterprises. At the same time, Odoo serves as better alternatives for SMEs who don’t have much budget for customization and want to deploy the software quickly.

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