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Use Odoo, Minimize Risk And Maximize Efficiency

May 10, 2018 · 2 minutes read

Odoo is one of the fastest growing Open source ERP systems in the world. Odoo right from inception turned into a front-runner in Open Source ERP software getting implemented by a large degree of business sectors right from small to medium and big organizations. The popularity and attention drawn for Odoo are unimaginable. The features like Open Source with no vendor lock-in, no license fee, a high degree of customization offers you with a variety of advantages in your business right from improving the efficiency to streamlining the communication within. Being an open source it has a large community of developers constantly striving to expand the Odoo horizons, bringing new functionalities and technicalities in Odoo. Unlike the closed ERPs like SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Odoo comes with a legible cost with zero investment helping small, medium to large organizations in affording the ERP implementation.

ERP Implementation is the most crucial element of any business transformation process, a right implementation not only saves time and money but can give a huge boost to the growth of an organization.

The extensive experience and expertise developers of Odoo brings the fine-tuned solutions to the table, minimizing risks and maximizing successful outcomes.

Odoo Implementation encompasses the whole process of integrating and deploying OpenERP, including evaluation establishing specifications, planning the deployment, the configuration of the software, loading data, installation and training the users. It does not generally extend to software customization, nor support and maintenance.

Requirements Analysis and Planning

  • Planning Methods


  • Deployment Options
  • The SaaS (Software as a Service) Offer
  • Hosting by a Supplier
  • Internal Installation

Deployment Procedure

  • User Training
  • Support and Maintenance
  • Updates and Upgrades
  • Version Migration

A successful implementation can reap vast rewards in organizational strengths and efficiencies


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