How to Access Mobile API in Odoo 16

1. Show Toast in the Device

A Toast is a simple and non-intrusive popup that provides feedback about an operation.

2. Vibrating Device

This method allows you to vibrate the mobile device for a specified duration in milliseconds.

3. Show Snackbar with Action

A Snackbar is a lightweight way to provide feedback, showing a brief message at the bottom of the screen

4. Showing Notification

This method allows you to display a system-controlled notification outside of your application's normal UI.

5. Create Contact in Device

You can use this method to create a new device contact with specific details such as name, mobile number, phone, email, etc.

6. Scanning Barcodes

This method enables real-time barcode detection on the device.

7. Switch Between Accounts

Finally, you can use switchAccount() to switch between different accounts on the device.