Features of Odoo 16 Social Marketing Module

1. Feed Menu

This platform gives you a quick insight into your multiple social media posts at a glance.

2.Posts Menu

The user can publish content on social media using posts by selecting the Posts menu in the Social Marketing Module.

3.Campaigns Menu

The “Campaigns” menu can be used to create, send and manage social media campaigns.

4.Visitors Menu

The module enables users to monitor and engage with website visitors.

5.Configuration Menu

Odoo gives some settings options in its “Configuration” menu section.

6.Social Media

The social marketing module allows users to set their company's social media profiles.

7.Social Accounts

Managing your multiple social media profiles on various social media platforms with odoo is possible by using the "Social Accounts"

8.Social Streams

Social media streams, which are frequently seen at live events as interactive social media walls.