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Why Choose Odoo ERP for Your Business?

April 5, 2018 · 4 minutes read

In the last two decades, it’s a proven fact that Odoo is the most recommended Open ERP software among the business circle. Starting from Small Medium Enterprises to big Multi-National Companies, Odoo services has been acknowledged with high credentials and future implicitness. The flexible and integrated business solutions served by Odoo made it preferable to the large business community to increase their profit and efficiency. But Obstacles are no far from the site. Been it a business, Event, or a software implementation, the maintenance of trust factor until the end is the most crucial phenomenon.

Especially when it comes to the implementation of ERP and other modules the trust plays a pivotal element. Often trust is shaken or challenged with the onset of a small accident or fault in the software side. Faulty community modules leading to bugs often get users trapped in dilemma and chaos. Therefore a systematic maintenance and support is needed and is crucial to delivering the best output. In order to come out of this hazy situation, users often seek the help of a supporting staff or help. A good service rendered is indeed a blessing.

Taking that situation into consideration, Odoo service providers are equipped with strong Technical supporting staff to critically analyze the error on a systematic basis. Odoo service acts as continues cycle/process, end users seeking frequent improvement in ERP to achieve the desired results. In Odoo, support aims to ensure that end users get the maximum productivity from their use of Open ERP, by responding to their questions on the use of the system. Support can be technical or functional and Maintenance aims to ensure that the system itself continues to function as required. It includes system upgrades, which give you access to the latest functionality available.

At time Odoo partners, offer the preventative maintenance making sure that the specific developments are timely revised and tested to ensure their fitness in the upcoming or new versions. Thus compatibility test to make the ERP suitable for the common base is achieved via preventative maintenance.

How it’s achieved?

Odoo team propose a maintenance contract supplied either directly to the end user or through partners that guarantee a quick fix to the faults discovered in the source code. A quicker migration support to new upgrades is easily carried by this procedure.

If you have not anticipated your needs with a preventive maintenance contract, the costs of migration after a few years can become significant leaving you with the provision of making new development according to your specifications.

Staying abreast

Updates and upgrade is the part and parcel of a software engineering. Mushrooming of new technologies in microseconds derivate to the need of timely updating and upgrading of the software implementation.

In Odoo, Updates and Upgrades come in four stages with respect to Source Code.

  • Patches supplied by Tiny to correct faults: after validation, these patches should not cause any secondary effects,
  • Minor updates, which gather the fault corrections together in one package, and are generally announced with a modification of the version number, such as from 6.0.0 to 6.0.1,
  • Upgrades, which bundle both the fault corrections and the improvements to the functionality in a major release, such as from 6.0.3 to 6.2.0,
  • New functions, generally released in the form of new modules.

For simple updates, your maintenance team will evaluate the patches to determine if they are beneficial to the use of your Open ERP. These patches will be further tested offline, before the next installation.

Version Migration

A migration is never an easy process. It may be possible that your system does not function as it did before, or that something requires new developments in the functionality of the modules that have already been installed. To overcome that faulty situation, Odoo partners renders a service that offers an easy migration from the last version to new.

OpenERP has a system to manage migrations semi-automatically. To update specific modules or the whole database, you only need to start the server with the argument: –update=NAME_OF_MODULE or –update=all

In short, Odoo is equipped with a team who is expertise in providing different Odoo services including, Implementation task, Bug fixing, Customization, Timely support and guidance, Migration services, Technically advanced developing team, Training and Crafting module, Video on Demand, Gap Analysis and much more. The Support and maintenance in Odoo offer a wide range of lucrative offers to satiate your business requirements and long-term investment in return.


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