1. Improved User Interface

The Odoo 16 CRM module introduces an enhanced user interface that enhances the overall user experience.

2. Data Entry Reduction

With the new email marketing features in Odoo 16, businesses can streamline customer communication and reduce manual data entry.

3. Lead Generation

Odoo 16 CRM empowers businesses to generate and nurture leads effectively.

4. Data Deduplication

Maintaining a clean and organized customer database is vital for effective CRM management.

5. Live Chat and Calls

The live chat and call features in Odoo 16 CRM enable real-time communication with potential customers.

6. Multiple Addresses with Multiple Domains and Servers

Th CRM supports the management of multiple addresses associated with customers.

7. Analytics and Graphic Reports

The CRM includes advanced analytics & reporting capabilities to provide valuable insights into customer behavior & sales team performance.