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What are the New Features Available in Odoo 16 CRM

August 3, 2023 · 6 minutes read

The latest update of Odoo ERP, version 16, introduces exciting new features in its CRM module. With the aim of facilitating business growth and strengthening customer relationships, Odoo 16 provides a comprehensive solution. This advanced ERP tool automates various business management tasks and enhances customer interaction.
One of the key advantages of Odoo 16 is its ability to streamline data entry processes and automate customer relationship activities. By leveraging the Odoo CRM module, businesses can efficiently organize their activities using a pipeline model, ensuring smooth progress and timely closure of deals. Odoo CRM keeps all business activities up-to-date, enabling prompt customer service and ensuring valuable feedback. The module also helps attract potential customers and leads, maximizing business opportunities.

The versatility of Odoo CRM sets it apart from other ERP solutions, as it offers a unified platform to manage all business operations. Odoo 16 boasts a redesigned interface, providing enhanced onboarding and visibility through its new backend and front-end designs. Additionally, it introduces new features for email marketing, facilitating effective communication with customers. The layout for pay-now email notifications has been revamped, offering a seamless payment experience. The inclusion of multi-company and multi-domain support further enhances flexibility, enabling businesses to manage diverse operations under a single system. Moreover, Odoo 16 enriches social networking capabilities, allowing businesses to engage with their audience through tweeting and quoting.
In summary, Odoo 16’s CRM module is a powerful tool that empowers businesses to optimize their operations and strengthen customer relationships. With its advanced features, streamlined processes, and enhanced user experience, Odoo 16 provides a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to drive growth and success.

New features available in Odoo 16 CRM module

1. Improved User Interface:

The Odoo 16 CRM module introduces an enhanced user interface that enhances the overall user experience. With a more intuitive layout and improved navigation, users can easily manage their sales activities. The pipeline view allows for efficient organization and tracking of sales processes, while the redesigned dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of sales operations. The new user interface optimizes productivity by presenting relevant information in a clear and accessible manner.

2. Data Entry Reduction:

With the new email marketing features in Odoo 16, businesses can streamline customer communication and reduce manual data entry. Users can quickly send email quotes to customers without the need to manually extract or input contact details. The CRM module automatically retrieves customer information, eliminating the risk of errors and saving time. This automation enhances efficiency, ensures accurate communication, and enables businesses to focus on building stronger customer relationships.

3. Lead Generation:

Odoo 16 CRM empowers businesses to generate and nurture leads effectively. The module offers automated campaign creation tools, enabling users to target specific customer segments and attract potential leads. With lead validation features, businesses can verify the quality of leads and focus their efforts on high-potential prospects. The geolocation capabilities allow for personalized marketing campaigns based on customer location, enhancing targeting and engagement.

4. Data Deduplication:

Maintaining a clean and organized customer database is vital for effective CRM management. Odoo 16 CRM includes advanced data deduplication functionality that identifies and merges duplicate customer records. This process eliminates redundancies, ensures data integrity, and avoids confusion in customer communications. By having a consolidated and accurate contact list, businesses can provide personalized and consistent experiences to their customers.

5. Online Lead Generation:

Odoo 16 CRM provides various automated marketing apps to drive lead generation from online channels. These apps enable businesses to engage with potential customers through content sharing and interaction on social media platforms, blogs, and websites. By leveraging online channels, businesses can expand their reach, attract relevant leads, and increase their customer base. The module facilitates seamless integration of online lead generation activities into the CRM workflow.

6. Live Chat and Calls:

The live chat and call features in Odoo 16 CRM enable real-time communication with potential customers. By activating live chat and call options on their websites, businesses can engage with visitors and address their queries instantly. This personalized approach helps capture leads, provide immediate assistance, and foster meaningful customer relationships. The module allows for the customization of rules, ensuring efficient handling of live chat and call interactions.

7. Multiple Addresses with Multiple Domains and Servers:

The Odoo 16 CRM module supports the management of multiple addresses associated with customers. Users can record various addresses, including those with different domains and servers. This feature enables businesses to effectively communicate with different individuals within customer organizations, catering to their specific needs. Access to complete customer history, including orders, quotations, and sales orders, provides valuable insights for personalized interactions and a better understanding of customer requirements.

8. Premier Email Templates and Quick Email Messages:

Odoo 16 CRM offers an extensive collection of email templates that can be customized and used to create professional and personalized email messages. Users can quickly access these templates and send prompt email communications to customers. This feature streamlines the process of composing and sending emails, ensuring consistent branding, improving customer engagement, and increasing the likelihood of generating quality leads. Businesses can easily customize templates to align with their brand identity and effectively communicate their value proposition.

9. Analytics and Graphic Reports:

The CRM module in Odoo 16 includes advanced analytics and reporting capabilities to provide valuable insights into customer behavior and sales team performance. Users can generate comprehensive reports that showcase key metrics, trends, and patterns. The reports can be viewed in various formats, such as pivot tables, dashboards, lists, or graphs, allowing for easy data visualization and analysis. Businesses can harness the power of these analytical tools to gain valuable insights, make data-driven decisions, pinpoint opportunities for enhancement, and optimize their sales strategies, ultimately leading to accelerated business growth.


In conclusion, the evolving advancements of Odoo 16 and its powerful CRM module offer immense potential for business growth. With Odoo CRM, you can efficiently manage and propel your business without the burden of excessive stress. The user-friendly interface and streamlined processes enable you to accomplish tasks with just a few clicks, simplifying your operations and minimizing complexities. By leveraging Odoo 16, you can swiftly scale your business, maintain steady growth, and seamlessly adapt to digital workflows. With automated functionalities and comprehensive analytics, you can make data-driven decisions and optimize your business performance. Embrace Odoo 16 and unlock the power of efficient business management in the digital age.


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