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How to Create a Project in Odoo 16 Project Module

July 21, 2023 · 7 minutes read

In today’s fast-paced business environment, efficient project management plays a critical role in driving success and achieving business goals. With the release of Odoo 16, businesses now have access to an advanced Project module that offers a comprehensive solution for managing projects effectively. Whether it’s planning, task assignment, tracking progress, or collaborating with team members, Odoo 16’s Project module provides the necessary tools to streamline project management processes. By leveraging its robust features, such as project creation, task management, timesheet recording, and document management, businesses can optimize productivity, enhance communication, and ultimately ensure the successful execution of projects. Embrace the power of Odoo 16’s Project module and unlock new levels of efficiency and organization in your project management endeavors.

Configuring new projects is a crucial step in effective project management. With the Odoo Project module, businesses can easily create and configure projects according to their specific requirements. This blog explores the process of setting up new projects in Odoo 16 and highlights the various configuration options available for enhanced project management.

Steps to create a Project in Odoo 16 Project Module:

1. Access the Project Configuration:

  •    To configure projects, log in to your Odoo 16 instance and navigate to the Configuration menu.
  •    From the list of options, select the Project option to access the project configuration window.

2. Preview and Views:

  •    Once in the project configuration window, you will see a preview of existing projects.
  •    The preview provides key information about the project, including the project name, customer, company, start date, end date, allocated hours, project manager, status, and stage.
  •    You can switch between different views like Kanban, List, Gantt, Calendar, and Activity to visualize and manage your projects in different ways.

3. Create a New Project:

  •    To initiate the creation of a new project, simply access the project configuration window and locate the “New” button. By clicking on this button, you can begin the process of setting up a fresh project in Odoo 16.
  •   In the corresponding fields of the project configuration window, you will need to input the required information for the project. This includes providing details such as the project name, name of the tasks associated with the project, customer information, tags for categorization, company name, project manager, planned date for project commencement, and the allocated hours for completing the project.
  •     Use the Description tab to add any additional notes or details related to the project.

4. Advanced Configuration Options:

  •    Under the Settings tab in the project configuration window, you will find additional configuration options.
  •    The Analytic Account field allows you to link and track costs and revenues associated with tasks, timesheets, and other project activities.
  •    The Visibility field defines who can access and view the project and its tasks. Within the project configuration settings, you have the option to define the visibility settings. You can choose to set the visibility to different groups, including invited internal users, all invited users, invited portal users, and all internal users. This allows you to control who can access and view the project and its associated tasks. By selecting the appropriate visibility setting, you can ensure that the project information is accessible to the intended audience while maintaining confidentiality and privacy as required.

5. Task and Time Management Features:

  •    Odoo 16’s Project module offers various task and time management features that can be activated based on your project requirements.
  •    Enable functionalities such as Sub-tasks, Recurring Tasks, Task Dependencies, Milestones, Timesheets, and Planning by accessing the Tasks Management and Time Management sections. These features enhance the project management capabilities of Odoo 16 by allowing you to create sub-tasks, automate repetitive tasks, establish task dependencies, set project milestones, track time with timesheets, and plan resources effectively. By activating these features, you can customize and optimize your project management process to meet the specific needs of your organization, leading to improved efficiency and successful project outcomes.
  •   Once you enable specific features in the project configuration, you will notice that corresponding fields appear in the form view of the tasks associated with the project. By activating these features, you unlock additional functionality and customization options for managing tasks effectively. 

6. Sales, Invoicing, and Document Management:

  •    Odoo 16’s Project module provides functionalities for sales, invoicing, and document management within projects.
  •   If you wish to invoice your time spent on tasks and keep track of the materials used during task completion, you can enable the Billable and Products on Tasks features. By activating these features in the project module settings, you gain the ability to generate invoices based on the recorded time and track the materials consumed for each task. This functionality allows for accurate billing and cost tracking, providing transparency and efficiency in project financial management.
  •   Activate the Documents feature to effectively organize and distribute project-related documents among your team members or clients. This functionality enables you to categorize the documents based on their relevance to specific projects, making it easier to locate and share essential information. By leveraging this feature, you can ensure seamless collaboration and efficient document management within the project module of Odoo 16.
  •    Utilize the Customer Ratings feature to collect feedback from customers on projects.
  •    Activate the Field Service option if you need to manage tasks within the field service module.
  •    Consider enabling Worksheets to create reports that require customer sign-off.

7. Access and Collaboration:

  •    Odoo 16’s Project module allows for easy access and collaboration on projects.
  •    Understand the different levels of access for shared projects, including read-only and edit access for portal users.
  •    Internal users who do not have direct project access can still view and access specific tasks by being provided with the relevant URL. Additionally, if the project is set as private and they are included in the followers list, they will have access to the tasks. This ensures that even users without general project permissions can be granted access to specific tasks when necessary, allowing for effective collaboration and task management within the Odoo 16 Project module.

8. Once you have entered all the necessary information, save to create the project.

You have successfully created a new project in Odoo 16’s Project module. You can now start adding tasks, assigning team members, tracking progress, and managing the project efficiently. By following these detailed steps, you can effectively configure and manage your projects using Odoo 16’s Project module, ensuring smooth collaboration, efficient task management, and successful project outcomes. 


In conclusion, Odoo 16’s Project module provides businesses with a powerful and comprehensive solution for effective project management. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, businesses can easily create, organize, and track projects from start to finish. The ability to assign tasks, allocate resources, record timesheets, and manage documents within the module streamlines project workflows and enhances productivity. By leveraging Odoo 16’s Project module, businesses can optimize their project management processes, improve collaboration among team members, and achieve successful project outcomes. Embrace the capabilities of Odoo 16’s Project module and experience efficient and organized project management like never before.


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