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Odoo-Amazon Integration

March 21, 2018 · 3 minutes read

Better stock management and forecasting with Odoo

Nowadays, many people are having their online sales on multiple e-commerce websites. So the stock movement data will be scattered here and there. How a seller can analyze the overall stock details and predict the future stock needs. What if an unprecedented demand comes from some sources? The whole usability of an efficient ERP is compromised if it is can’t forecast demand and take necessary actions. So sellers who use different/single online marketplace can achieve better performance by integrating it with their ERP. The Odoo can manage the stock details lively and effectively, which will empower the merchant to meet any possible future sale without an ‘Out of Stock’ message.

TPW operation management with Odoo

Some of the businesses will not be having their own warehouse. They will be using the services of Third Party Logistics sellers. Some of the small countries cannot afford separate large warehouses, especially for Small and medium business enterprises. In this case, the products are managed by third part and operations are done inside amazon seller account. Such double-layer management is always a difficult scenario for a seller. It is difficult to do the operations like the acknowledgment of shipments, delivery orders, carrier updates, etc. Any mismanagement will cause huge aftereffects for a seller. The better way is to manage TPW from the seller ERP system like Odoo. For the seller, it will not only simplify the process but also give an oversight to the whole operation.

Above all the Odoo analysis engine is a powerful tool for data analysis. It can produce more insightful reports than online seller platform. Utilizing this powerful tool for processing the data from online seller platform like Amazon will definitely give the seller a holistic view of the sale, demand, payment methods etc


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