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Odoo Point of Sale (POS)

April 3, 2018 · 2 minutes read

Set up in minutes and sell it in seconds!!!Odoo POS is a smart interface that any retail company can use with ease and its high flexibility ensures anytime configuration to meet the precise needs. Because it’s extremely flexible, you can configure Odoo POS to meet your precise needs. Customization is widely supported in Odoo.

Odoo POS has several features and a seller has the authority to set customization option with the price at the backend. In Odoo, the order can be customized ever after adding the product. Once the customization is done, the price will be automatically updated and selected customization will be displayed on the receipt.

And here we go with a sample showing how a point of sale is carried in Odoo ERP application.

For example, If a customer calls and orders a pizza, the counter boy will come with the first question whether you want a veg pizza or a non-veg pizza. If the customer orders a non -veg pizza, there will be a customization over the charge. And in Odoo, the customization will be displayed like below.

odoo point of sale 1

  • A tag is displayed on the order line with the addition of customized price change.



  • The printed receipt will showcase the customized price change.



  • Backend View: At the backend, you can set “Extra price” for the customization option which will appear in POS.



  • In the product form, all tags are visible under “Question Groups”



  • Click on the order line in order to view the answers under “Extra Comments“.




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