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How to add products in Purchase Module

November 30, 2019 · 2 minutes read

In Odoo 13 there exists a module for purchasing products. So initially we have to create a product name and details in the purchase module in order to make it visible in the purchase module. So let us discuss how to add a new product in Purchase module.

Create a product in purchase module.
Creating a product is very simple in odoo. For that, you need to first navigate to the products menu in Purchase module. There you can see the product menu in the menu bar. Click on the menu and select products.

Purchase–> Products–> Products

add products in Purchase Module

Once you have selected the product menu new, it will open a new window as shown below.

Under that menu, you can see different options like Product name, Can be sold, Can be purchased, Can be expensed. These options will be explained later.
Once the window is opened, you can add the product name and the image of the product. We can also add the price of each item, Company name and so on. Once the product is added and saved, it is also possible in Odoo to further edit the product in case you need to add any extra details like price variation or tax variation of the product.

Different fields for adding products:

Product Name: In this field, you can add the product name.

Can be sold: If it is checked, you will be able to select the product in the Sales Order Lines.

Can be purchased: If it is checked, you will be able to select the product in the Purchase Order Lines.

Can be Expensed: Specify whether the product can be selected from expense.

In general information you can see different fields about the product like,
Product type: whether the product is consumable or it’s a service or maybe physical product:

Product Category: A drop-down menu where you can categorize the products accordingly and you can add categories if necessary.

Internal Reference: A default product code that is used to identify the product easily. It works like an alternative code for the product.

Barcode: We can use this field to enter the bar-code of the product.

Sales Price: This field is used to store the price of the products.


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