Odoo 12 vs Odoo 13

November 11, 2019 · 2 minutes read

Odoo is one of the most user-friendly ERP software. After each update rolled out, the working environment of Odoo changes more user friendly and highly adaptive. The initial version of Odoo ERP is known as Tiny ERP. It was released in February 2015. The name Tiny ERP was followed by OpenERP in April 2009. Again it got changed to the most hearing name Odoo. Odoo is growing very fast. No business can resist Odoo because of its adaptiveness and customization abilities. The last month, Odoo released their latest version 13. Odoo has tried to introduce a full package of new features. 

Difference between Odoo 12 and Odoo 13

Consider the New Apps released in both updates, Odoo 13 updated more apps than Odoo 12. When the odoo 12 released, it included only two new apps. Document Management Module and the Internet of Things Module. However, Odoo 13 contains a list of new apps. e-Learning, HR Presence, Referrals, Field Service Management..etc are some of the new apps released under Odoo 13.

Let’s discuss the Features of Odoo 12.

  1. Odoo 12 featured with two administrators. System and Administrator.
  2. UTMs (Urchin Tracking Module) are used in emails, websites, leads for end-to-end marketing by ROI tracking. 
  3. Updated quotation confirmation by online signature and order payment.
  4. Push and Pull rules have been merged.
  5. Multi-Website Support.
  6. Drag and Drop using Odoo Studio.
  7. New Payment Support by Alipay.
  8. Odoo Leave Management.

Features of Odoo 13.

  1. Website Builder and Sales coupon are shifted to Community Edition. And HR Payroll shifted viceversa. ( Community edition to Enterprise)
  2. New Search Panel.
  3. Renamed: ‘Delivery Method’ to ‘Shipping Method’.
  4. Odoo eCommerce supports product videos.
  5. Attachment option in Portal
  6. New Calculator Widget
  7. New Signature Widget for Binary Fields
  8. Renamed: ‘Leave’ to ‘Time Off’
  9. New Field Service Management app


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