The Best Odoo ERP Book you should Read in 2021

June 1, 2021 · 4 minutes read

Odoo is one of the best Enterprise and Resource Planning solutions that are available for business operations in the market today. Despite the full-fledged capability of managing the operations of the entire business from a single platform, it brings reliability and effectiveness to the business management operations. Moreover, as the Odoo ERP is a fully customizable business management software you can flex the operations of the platform as per your operational requirement. Today the software has over 5 million users all over the world all thanks to the efficiency and reliability in business operations that it brings in. It’s a user-friendly platform that can be understood and can be used by anyone.

Today there are various resources for you to learn about Odoo regarding the functional as well as the technical aspects in the form of books, manuals, blogs, articles, videos, and many more. However, you should only use or learn from trusted sources as unauthorized, and untrustable resources may convey the wrong information and you won’t be able to understand the full functionality of Odoo from them. One Of the reliable sources from whom you can learn about Odoo is the Odoo partners who are recognized and certified by Odoo itself. Furthermore, these partners are members of the Odoo community which consists of Odoo partners, Odoo Consultants, Odoo developers, and all other Odoo related service providers. 

Cybrosys Technologies is one of the prominent partners of Odoo and has been serving clients on Odoo related needs for the past 13+ years. They are experts with a huge clientele behind our back ranging in all sectors of business operations. Today Cybrosys is one of the major contributors to the Odoo community in the form of blogs, articles, applications, services, and many more. Quite recently they have released a new book on Odoo the Odoo book 14 which is a functional descriptive book on the latest version of Odoo. The book is devoted to all the users in Odoo, developers, and consultants irrespective of their knowledge of the platform. This is because the book is derived in a simple language masking is understandable to a newbie in Odoo.

Each of the modules of the Odoo 14 enterprise edition is described elaborately covering all the functional options and menus of each of the modules. Furthermore, with the use of examples, the book ensures that the concepts are well conveyed to the reader. Cybrosys is not new to releasing Odoo books; They have done this earlier by releasing books on Odoo 13 and Odoo 12 versions. This is because of Cybrosys belief that information sharing is vital for the holistic development of the Odoo platform. Moreover, their main motto is that while the users and all the members of the Odoo community grow together it will lead to the further excellence of the Odoo ERP.

Another additional attraction regarding the Odoo 14 book and all other Odoo books by Cybrosys is that they are all available free of charge ensuring that knowledge sharing and imparting is vital. You can access the books from the Cybrosys Technology website, the link to access the Odoo 14 book is provided here: Odoo Book v14

Cybrosys also has released Odoo books on the community edition of Odoo for versions 14 and 13, which also described the functional aspects of company operations with the help of examples in the community edition of Odoo in the respective versions. As the Odoo is about to release the new Odoo 15 in the upcoming months during the Odoo experience event. You can expect their book on the enterprise and community edition of Odoo 15 to be released just after it, therefore, stay tuned to our website for further updates. 

Cybrosys also holds various other resources for you to learn Odoo. Our vast collection of blogs which are updated daily is one of the excellent ways to learn about the Odoo platform on both functional aspects of the operation as well as technical aspects of development. Furthermore, They have released courses on Odoo development in versions 14 and 13 of Odoo where they have put together a collection of videos described by their expert developers on Odoo explaining the development of the platform.


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