Byproducts and Scrap management in Odoo

March 20, 2018 · 2 minutes read

Byproducts and Scrap management are two simple yet highly useful features of Odoo manufacturing ERP. This blog discusses configuration and use of byproducts, scrap management, and unbuild order facilities in Odoo manufacturing.

Scrap management in Odoo

One of the most useful features of Odoo is that you can create Scrap at any stage of the production line. You can always see a Scrap button almost all the stages of the production line. Click this button to create instant scrap entry in inventory. You can create fresh scrap entry from

  • Manufacturing -> Operations -> Scrap -> Create

Or you can make a quick entry by clicking on Scrap button available on almost all forms of production.

  • Fill the fields and Click “Done”. It will be inserted into inventory automatically.

Byproducts configurations

 A by-product is a secondary product derived from a manufacturing process. It is not the primary product or service being produced. To activate by product feature go to Manufacturing > Settings

Tick the second option to enable By Products field in BoM. After activating this option, a new field will appear in BoM for configuring byproducts.

  • Here we can add byproducts. If we add the byproducts it will reflect on the MRP order.

Unbuild Orders

Another useful feature in Manufacturing is Unbuild. We can unbuild the products into its bill of materials. This is actually the reverse process of production.

Manufacturing > Operations > Unbuild Orders > Create

  • Select the product which needs to Unbuild, select the bill of materials and
  • If you need to specify a particular Manufacturing Order we can mention it

Click <Done> and <Save>, so that the individual components will be updated in the inventory.


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