Customer management in Odoo

February 27, 2018 · 2 minutes read

In Odoo CRM both the customer and vendor are collectively called Partners, so there is no separate form for creating a customer and vendor. You can create a customer profile from multiple points of Odoo. Generally, the customer profile is created from

Sales -> Customers -> Create

Tick Is a Customer, if the profile is of a customer and Is a Vendor otherwise

  • Use Partner Assignation tab to track Geo-location of customer
  • Accounting tab can be used to add accounting info of the customer.
  • Click on Athe active button to activate the profile for use (otherwise it will not be listed elsewhere.

If we go to the Sales & Purchases tab, we can specify a salesperson who is in charge of communicating with this customer. We can also choose whether this customer should be able to receive email notifications or not. If this option is enabled, then this customer will receive emails for each notification in his inbox.

The field, ‘Mailing Opt-Out’ is really useful in cases where we don’t need to receive any emails from mass mailing or marketing campaigns. If this option is enabled, this customer won’t receive any emails from mass mailing and marketing campaigns. The Number of bounced emails will be displayed in the ‘Bounce’ field.For providing portal access, we need to configure the email and enable the ‘In Portal’ option

Upon clicking on the ‘Portal Access Management’ option, a new wizard will appear. Here we can enter the email address. The option ‘In Portal’ should be selected for those contacts to whom we wish to enable the portal access. Once we have filled the details and applied, an email will be sent to the specified email address. With the portal access enabled, the user can sign in to Odoo from the link provided in the E-mail.

Once you have created a profile you can view it from Sales> Customers.

  • Click any customer and you will get redirected to the customer master form. You can directly jump to the opportunities, meetings, invoice, Tasks, Ledger and any details linked to your customer from this window.

Update/Delete a Customer Details

  • Sales ->Customers

Click on any of the Customer from Kanban view

  • Click <Edit> to make modifications
  • Or find more Details related to the customer from Action tab


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