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Odoo HR Management System Components

March 19, 2018 · 2 minutes read

You have to install following apps from Odoo apps to enable HR management features.

 Employee Directory

This application allows you to create and manage the employee directory of your organization. You can create your organization’s department hierarchy and add employees to different department matching your organization’s structure. Employee contract details are configured using this module. So this is the base of HR module.


Employee attendance can be managed by installing this module. There are different attendance marking options available with Odoo. You can also add hardware for attendance marking. The module is integrated with Payroll, Leave Management, and Timesheet so that it provides a consistent attendance tracking mechanism.

Leave Management

Integrated with attendance, Payroll, and Timesheet, Leave Management allows the administrator to take efficient decisions on employee leave request.


Odoo Payroll makes the complexity of payroll management simpler. You can create simple and complex salary structure based on salary rules. This salary structure can be applied to employee contract to generate monthly payment slip. From Odoo store you can also download custom payrolls for easy management.

Expense Management

Expense management module enables management of expenses occurred to employees. The employee can submit their expenses and appropriate officers can take actions on such requests.

Timesheet Management

It is another efficient module to manage time sheets of each employee. This is generally used for efficient management of projects or tasks.


You can automate and monitor all recruitment with this module. Recruitment stages, criteria, qualifications etc. can be configured with this module. You can install Online Jobs app to channelize recruitment via your website.

There are many other useful apps and plugins available in Odoo app store that provide more customized features for Odoo HR system. Which will help you to get a more comfort hr experience.


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