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Migrate To Odoo 11,Migrate To Perfection

March 30, 2018 · 4 minutes read

“All-inclusiveness” is a word that business owners of today adore! It is indeed a matter of pleasure to find a business software that supports in building E-commerce Websites, manage customer relations, warehouses, and inventory. And when one needs to encompass all the amenities in their business portfolio, there is only one name that is Odoo.

No other software so far in the market can beat the characteristics Odoo features. Right from the inception in 2005 to the release of its latest version Odoo11 it has beaten up all its competitors with its functionalities and laid a spectacular choice among the entrepreneurs.

If you are one of the business owner willing to hire an Odoo developer for building your website, make sure you get it developed in the 11th version. Even if you are working on the older version of Odoo, it is time you should consider Odoo 11 migration. Why? Well, there are several reasons why you should do so, and through this blog, we will acquaint you with the same.

Odoo’s new version comes with an enticing avatar of Pixel Perfect. Right from the Kanban view to forms, the makers of Odoo have optimized its theme to suitable to the device right from laptops to mobile phones. And with responsiveness being so important, it gives a huge reason for business owners to go for Odoo development. All you need to check is if the company developers are proficient enough to develop your website.

Accounting is a big hurdle and nightmare to many Small Scale Enterprise and Multinational Companies. With Odoo Version 11 one can drive the accountancy blues away. The new version comes with an adaptation of local accounting packages from different countries including US, Germany, Switzerland, India, Mexico, etc. In addition an access to a new set up bar on the dashboard that makes it very easy for the users to set up their company data, chart account, fiscal year, and bank accounts without much chaos.

Odoo 11 beats the speed of its previous version. In order to meet the latest requirement of the online clients, Odoo has come up with new pace meeting all the drawbacks of Odoo 9. The results drawn from the customers proved that Odoo 11 is three times faster. The speed is so high and the usage of the new version can undoubtedly render greater production to the customers.

Customer Relationship Management, which is the most important part of a business, is simplified in Odoo CRM system. Odoo V11 comes as a great blessing in CRM. It comes with customizable performance indicators; using which your sales team can keep a track of their progress. Also, the new version has separate menus for CRM and sales. If you install sales modules in the previous version, the CRM menu gets renamed as “Sale.” You can identify the new CRM with its icon available on the dashboard. If you want to work on customer relationship management and sales modules seamlessly, V 11 is what you need! Odoo CRM is a combination of 8+ Apps and Plugins. For efficient management of customer relation, you can install all the following Apps/Plugins


Website development in Odoo 11 has turned Website designing into a blank canvas featuring a high degree of customization and personification. The newly enhanced theme switcher, page manager, and page builder opens the new plethora of creativity and exploration. You can get in touch with professional ERP service providers and get your website developed from scratch. It will offer a better user experience to both; your customers and you. It also comes with

  • Marketing Automation for abandoned carts
  • Coupons & Promotions program system
  • New product comparative based on attributes
  • Optimized checkout process with embedded payment forms

Odoo 11’s user interface comes user-friendly and better mode. And when it comes to better UI, it comes with better functionalities including,

  • Facility for effective scheduling of next activities.
  • New design with color coding for different functions.
  • Customized Real-time reports.
  • Flowcharts having drill down the facility.
  • Aside chatter for wide screens.

If you are considering Odoo 11 migration, you should know that it has things in store for both; the enterprises and their end users.


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