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Odoo 15 Project Management Features

May 25, 2022 · 6 minutes read

The new Odoo 15 Project management module simplifies the process of creating and monitoring new projects, assigning stages, splitting them into tasks, tracking costs and revenues and many more in a systematic method with the help of newly developed features. We are going to take a look at each of these new features available in the Odoo 15 Project module in this blog.

Project Stages

Project Stage is a newly introduced feature in Odoo 15 that helps users to get a clear idea about the progress of each project. A user can easily understand the progression of projects by arranging them under different stages. Under the Task management tab in the Settings menu, the Project Stages option can be activated.

While activating this field, you will get the option to configure a new project stage from the Settings window itself. Or else, you can go to the Configuration menu to get access to the Project Stages platform.

New stages can be easily created by clicking on the Create button. While managing projects in the Project dashboard, you can easily assign suitable stages for each project according to their progress. In the list view, the stages can be seen as shown below. 

In the Kanban view, you can use the Stage option from the Group By menu in order to arrange the projects according to their stages. Based on the stages they reached, you will get the Kanban view of the projects as shown below. 

The ‘Add a Column’ marked in the screenshot can be used to create a new stage for the project from the dashboard itself. All you have to do is, simply mention the name of the new stage in the given field. The stages created by this method will be also added to the Project Stages in the Configuration menu. When you move your cursor near to the title of any stage, you will get a settings icon on the right side of the title which includes an additional option to edit the selected stage. You can manually move a project from one stage to another after attaining the criteria to reach a particular stage. 

Task Dependencies

When you are managing a company project, it includes several tasks and subtasks which should be executed in a particular order in order to complete the project successfully. In Odoo 15, the user will get an advanced feature that helps to determine the order for performing each task. Using this feature, you can block other tasks in order to execute a particular task first. 

As you can see in the image above, enable the Task Dependencies field under the Task Management tab. After activating this field, a new tab will be available under that task configuration window of a particular project in the Odoo 15 Project module.

Select a task that you want to perform first before other tasks. As shown in the image above, you will get an additional tab called ‘Blocked By’ where you can mention the other tasks that you want to block. Using the Add a Line option, you can select the list of tasks from the drop-down. By doing so, Odoo will automatically block the mentioned tasks and allow you to complete the select task first. With the help of this new feature in Odoo 15, the user can perform each task in a particular order. 


In order to ensure effective management of projects and pay more attention to each operation included in a project, you can divide a project into various tasks. This will simplify the process and reduce pressure. Sometimes, a task itself contains various steps to complete. In such cases, Odoo will help you to split tasks into sub-tasks. By doing so, you can separately manage and monitor each procedure included in a task. In order to get this feature, you should activate the Sub-tasks option from the Settings menu. This option will be available under the Task Management tab. 

Using this feature will be helpful to complete difficult tasks in separate milestones. It will also save time and effort by splitting it into small missions. Now, you can go to the project dashboard after activating the Sub-Tasks field. From the project dashboard, you can select a project that you want to split into various tasks and sub-tasks. You can also create a new project using the Create button. 

When you select a project from the main dashboard, Odoo will lead you to a new window where you will get the Kanban view of the tasks configured for the project.

Now, select a task from this window.

You will get all details regarding the selected task as shown above. You can find a new tab called ‘Sub-Tasks’ in the window where you can configure various sub-tasks for this particular task. With the help of the Add a Line button, you can mention the Title, Assignees, Deadline, and Stage of the sub-task. In order to monitor the progress of the subtask, you will get the View Task button from the same window itself. This is how we configure and manage sub-tasks in Odoo 15.


Another major new feature available in the Project module of Odoo 15 is the tracking of the costs and revenues of a project. Under the Analytics tab of the Settings menu, you can find the Profitability button. By activating this field, Odoo will keep a record of all costs and revenues of projects created in this module. 

It is also useful to get a gross margin report. In order to examine the profitability of a project, go to the project dashboard after activating this field. The user will get three vertical dots on the top right corner of each project tab as marked in the screenshot below which includes an advanced option called Project Updates.

This option can be used to get details about the updates of a particular project.

This window shows the Gross Margin, Sold, Total Sold, and Profitability of a project. 

Improved Project Dashboard

The Project Dashboard in Odoo 15 has improved a lot as compared to the earlier versions. We already know that a user can mention the total time required to complete the project in Odoo. Based on this specified time, the project dashboard will display the remaining time available to complete a project on each project tab as marked in the screenshot below.

Additionally, you will get more tools of operations in the three dots available on each project. This includes the options to view Tasks, Timesheets, Sales Order, Planning, Project Updates, and the options to get reports of Tasks Analysis, Burndown Chart, Customer Ratings, Timesheets, and Planning Analysis. 

The new features discussed in this blog will make a user efficient enough to perform operations related to projects and tasks in easier methods. Odoo 15 assists you in organizing projects into different stages, splitting complex tasks into small milestones, defining an order to perform each task, calculating the profitability of a project, and managing various operations from the advanced dashboard.


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