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What are the New Features in Odoo 15 Supporting Module

May 17, 2022 · 7 minutes read

Odoo introduced its latest version in the market recently with several improved tools and features. In order to offer advanced performance, Odoo 15 tried to bring various changes in its modules and functionalities. Each of these new features is designed in a way that the user will get a better experience with the modules than in earlier times. Let’s take a look into the new changes introduced in some of the supporting modules in Odoo 15.


When we take a look at the Online Appointment management platform in the Website module, the user will be able to get the view of appointment types in separate blocks. 

Another major newly added feature available in the Odoo 15 Appointment is the new tab to specify the availabilities. In the new online appointment creation window, you can find the new tab as marked in the screenshot below where the user can specify all the availabilities in a week along with the time period.

With the help of the ‘Add a Line’ button, you can select a day from the given list and specify From and To time duration. 

In Odoo 15, it is possible to generate leads and opportunities from scheduled appointments. For this purpose, Odoo has included a new field to activate the ‘Create Opportunities’ feature in the Online Appointment creation window.

This feature will help you to create a new opportunity from each scheduled appointment and assign it to the responsible employee. 

You can share the availabilities of an appointment from the calendar view which is another new feature in the Odoo 15 Appointments. The Share Availabilities button can be seen on the top right corner of the screen as shown in the screenshot below.

After clicking on this button, Odoo will ask you to select the meeting time proposal from the calendar. As soon as you pick a suitable date and date, you will get a share link that can be copied and sent to your clients or employees. All these new features will help a user in saving time and effort in the management of online appointments.

Data Cleaning

The Data Cleaning module in Odoo 15 includes a new feature called Merge Actions. This feature will assist user in merging any records into a single record. Under the Configuration menu of the module, you will get access to the Merge Action Manager window.

The list view of this platform will display the details regarding Model, Model Description, Type, Transient Model, and a field to specify Can be Merged or not. Use the Create button to create a new Merge Action.

In the given fields, mention the Model Description, Model, and SQL expression for ordering records in the model. You can activate the Transient Model, Mail Thread (whether this model supports messages and notifications), Mail Activity (whether this model supports mail activities), and Mail Blacklist (whether this model supports blacklist). Additionally, you can specify the type and list of modules in which the object is defined or inherited in the respective fields. The user will get various tabs such as Fields, Access Rights, Record Rule, Notes, Views, and Website Forms in the form view to complete. This new feature in Odoo 15 helps you to easily merge different records into one record. 


In the Discuss module of the Odoo 15, the user will be able to find out several new features that will help to improve the interaction between the employees within a company. With the help of the latest version of Odoo, it is easier to add or invite new members to a channel in the Discuss module. When you open a channel on your screen, you can find a new button to invite people on the top right corner of the screen as marked in the image below.

You can easily invite new members to the channel by simply mentioning their contact in the given field. The name of the new member can be selected from your contact list or else you can create a new contact. Use the Invite To Channel button. The screen will also provide an Invitation Link to the user which can be used to invite people to the selected group. This option is available in the Direct Message inbox also. 

Here, you can use this button to create a group from direct messages. 

Next to the Invitation button, you can find another new button called Show Member List. This button is designed to show the list of all members belonging to a channel. 

When you click on the Show Member List button, the screen will display all members of that particular channel. The name and number of users who are online and offline can be separately seen in this list. Clicking on this button again will hide the member’s list from the screen.

Odoo 15 has introduced many new tools to make the chatting between the employees more engaging. The user will get the Delete and Edit buttons on each message in the Discuss module. As marked in the screenshot below, you can select a message and use the delete button to delete the unwanted message. 

Similarly, the Edit button will be also available next to the Delete button, which will help the user to edit the content of a message. To make it more interesting, you can send emojis as reactions in the Discuss module.

Another major fascinating feature of the Odoo 15 Discuss module is the availability of a new button to start meetings within the module itself. The user can now start new video meetings with the help of the Discuss module and add participants using the invitation link.

The Start A Meeting button can be seen in the Discuss module on the left corner of the screen as marked in the screenshot above. Use this button to start a new meeting and you will be able to get a new screen to invite people to this meeting. 

You can simply select members from the given list or use the invitation link to invite people from outside. Apart from this group meeting option, the user can also make video and voice calls from the individual inboxes. 

All new features introduced in the Discuss module are efficient enough to make the interaction between the employees in a company more engaging and beneficial. 


The e-Learning module in Odoo 15 includes a new reporting platform for monitoring the attendees of different courses. You will get access to this platform from the Reporting menu of the module. Odoo 15 provides List as well as Kanban views for the Attendees’ report window. As you can see in the image below, the list includes the Course Name, Responsible, Email, Enrolled Date, Last Action details, and Progress of each Attendee. 

If you want to remove an attendee from the list, you can simply click on the cross mark given on the screen. The Create will assist you to create a record of new attendees. 

You can now easily send emails to the attendees of a course with the help of the Contact Attendees button given in the form view of courses. 

Just like sending marketing emails in the Email Marketing module, you can easily send emails in a bulk to the attendees of the selected course. 

The List view of the Course Groups also changed in the Odoo 15 eLearning module. 

Along with the name of the Course Groups, you will get details about Menu Entry and Tags. 

Field Service 

In Odoo 15, you can assign new stages for the tasks. According to the progress of each task, the user can create new stages and arrange them in a systematic manner. The Stages option can be found under the Configuration menu of the Field Service module.

You can manage and create new stages for tasks from this platform. 

Odoo always makes sure to introduce new changes in the tools and modules every year which will help to improve the user experience. When it comes to Odoo 15, the user will get advanced tools that enhance the fuctionalities of modules.


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