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March 20, 2018 · 2 minutes read

In today’s highly competitive business environment, increased customer engagement is visible in almost all business process. In the service industry, this client involvement is considerably high. Customer engagement in different stages of service delivery will ensure the quality and reliability of the service that is being provided.

Odoo ERP provides an excellent option to improve the customer involvement in service delivery by providing a ‘Customer Portal’ in ERP. Customer can login to this portal interacts with the business organization and access the relevant information time to time.

Basically, there are two types of user in Odoo ERP, Administrator, and normal user. The administrator is the default user created at first and he has complete access to Odoo system. As the administrator of your database, you are responsible for its usage. This includes the Apps you install as well as the number of users currently in use etc. Admin can create as many as users and assign their permissions and access rights within the application. By this method, admin can create organizational hierarchy and restrict users only to their own domain.

Your clients can log in and access the allowed area of the ERP system as an external user. An external user is a normal user who is, in fact, external to the system, he can sign up and create his profile and access the ERP.  But you have to enable the external user signup option in settings.

External user Sign Up

To enable this setting.

  • Settings -> General Settings

Under The portal access, there is a check-box indicated Allow external users to sign up. Tick that checkbox and click on the <Apply> button.

  • Now you can see a sing up option is enabled near login portal.

  • Clients can click on a <Sign up> button and they will get redirected to a new Sign Up page.

  • They provide login credentials and register to the system as an external user.

The registered external users can log in to the Odoo with his credentials. This is how we allow portal access to the customers.


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