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Odoo Open ERP Education Management System

April 17, 2018 · 2 minutes read

Managing a school, college, university or any other educational institution is a mess if you don’t have a proper Education management system or technical support like a good database to store information, do accounting, starring the concerns and much more. Therefore a technical back support is an inevitable entity in the administration of any educational institutions. An open source enterprise resource planning will not make the administration task easier but also save the resources like time and money ensuring better production and good results.

The paper works that always get piled up will be taken into high consideration by the Open Source ERP. It comes as an integrated package to multi-task different activities running from the management of Employees, Students, Books and Library Records, Parents details, Assignments, Admission Process, Results and Reports, Exams, Events, Attendance, Transports, Timetable, Fees to other miscellaneous reports. The unearthing feature of using this ERP is that it can save our natural resource. Computer generated records supplements the use of paper which is derived from trees, a natural resource thus ensuring the better quality air in return. In short, one point access mediates to manage a wide set of activities in an efficient and smart way.

Odoo Open ERP Education Management System with this its better user interface, features, and attributes, providing core function as to manage the administrate activities of an educational institution can make wonders in the workplace.

The odoo open source ERP School Management Module helps Schools and Colleges to manage their daily activities which include the following systems:

  • Employee Details
  • Student Details
  • Parent details
  • Books and issues details
  • Timetable updates
  • Fee details
  • Salary details
  • Report generations
  • Attendance management system
  • Campus management system
  • Learning management systems
  • Leave management system
  • Library management system
  • Student database management system
  • Student information management system
  • Student management system
  • Timetable management system

In open ERP, the administrator can set the user rights for each user according to the user role.The users can access only areas that are privileged to them. This ensures high security and safety in performing the administrative tasks.


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