An introduction to Odoo 16

February 20, 2023 · 6 minutes read

Odoo is an open-source business application suite that provides a range of features and tools to help organizations run their business more effectively. It is a comprehensive suite of business applications that includes Accounting, Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Manufacturing, Human Resources, Customer Relationship Management, Project Management, and more. Odoo 16 is the latest one, and Odoo releases a new version every year. Each Odoo version brings updates and puts forward several new and immensely useful features. The Odoo 16 was also released with many advancements in application performance, user interface, operational speed, and many other aspects. Odoo 16 is a mere reflection of the modern era in terms of business and enterprise resource planning. It provides a new way to manage a business and its resources.

Pertaining to technology, Odoo constantly upgrades its internal functionalities to obtain possible industrial operations. In this way, the system offers substantial profits to the end user. Odoo 16 includes a multitude of new features, including improved mobile application support, an integrated Help desk, and advanced reporting and analytics capabilities. It also introduced a new Knowledge module and a good number of features to all the existing modules, especially the Website Builder module allowing users to quickly create and customize website designs. Furthermore, it offers more control and flexibility over its business processes by including a wide array of improvements to existing features. With its comprehensive suite of applications, Odoo 16 is an ideal choice for businesses seeking to streamline their operations and improve efficiency.

The new system ensures more business intelligence, a state-of-the-art reporting feature for stock/MRP, and introduces a complete front-end website builder. Above all, the new version is faster, most alluring, and highly intuitive. The overall performance speed of the system is increased when compared with the older versions.


Odoo 16 has seen a marked improvement in the performance of the ERP system. It now runs at twice the speed of the previous versions, significantly reducing the time it takes to run operations. Normally, the loading and rendering time of the backend pages are grasped 3.7 times faster than the older versions. In addition, the Website and eCommerce became 2.7 times faster to load controllers, and the eCommerce page can load 3.9 times more quickly. Likewise, the 16 platform has better scalability, which allows users to scale up their ERP system as their business grows. It also has improved security with a range of new features designed to protect customers from data breaches and other threats.

  • Odoo 16 uses PostgreSQL 12, which supports parallel query execution and improved query optimization
  • Odoo 16 has improved the architecture of the Odoo server, allowing it to process more requests per second.
  • Improved the way it handles data, allowing it to read and write data faster.
  • It also upgraded how it handles images, which can now be read and written faster.
  • Introduced a new caching mechanism that allows for faster loading of data.
  • Improved its API, allowing it to process more requests faster.

The new Knowledge module

Odoo 16 encompasses a new Knowledge application that is highly convenient for professionals and managers to create documents and share their knowledge with others. The new Knowledge module is extremely integrated with other modules of the Odoo platform, and it increases business productivity by strengthening the interaction between the workforce and the company. It will act as the info-sharing hub for contributing and sharing crucial data, which will be beneficial for all the users of the organization. Using this application, the employees can share business documents, business processes and improvements, administrative instructions, informative articles, and other essential data.

Improved User interface

The new and unique user interface of the Odoo 16 is the main highlight. The primary focus of the new user interface is to make the user experience much better and more intuitive. A good number of further attempts are done for it to make the platform unique. The new search and navigation menu allows for faster searching in the main dashboard. The new dashboard provides a better overview of your business. Additionally, the new theme editor allows users to customize the look of apps. The rearranged button layout of the form view provides a new experience for the users and does not have an edit button that we used to edit the record. Instead, a single click on the field is enough to edit the record in 16. The SAVE button has also vanished from the form view, and the record will be automatically saved into the system and introduces a new ‘Save manually’ icon and the ‘Discard Canges’ icon on the form view.

Sign module

The Sign module has undergone so many changes with the advent of the 16 version. Now the recipients will be allowed to refuse to sign a document. In addition, the auto signature is proposed by default when the user has never provided a signature. You can enjoy an improved signing experience on mobile devices. In addition, the module supports sending signature requests in a particular order to make it sure that the person who is required to sign the document has only been notified when it is their turn to sign the document. Furthermore, a visual frame is included to signatures to safeguard that the paper copies carry a visual clue that the document was signed electronically.

New and improved Accounting features

The Odoo Accounting module is already full-fledged with many advanced tools and features. The operational speed of the module is increased now because of invoice management and other related processes are turned out to be digitalized. The module consists of a new analytic widget on invoices which will make the processes such as analytic distribution, analytic plans, and analytic distribution models easier and more comfortable. It also updated the navigation right through the Accounting application to evade technical views and provide for a quick move between different screens. In addition, the new version updated its accounting localization packages, and now 70 plus countries are available.

ECommerce and Website

The Odoo eCommerce and Websites modules are constantly evolving, and there are various new and improved features in the 16 versions. Now the eCommerce module supports to upload of multiple images of a product in bulk, and the images can be displayed in a grid and carousel style. It is also possible to restrict visitors from including some products in their carts. Similarly, it is now simple to notify customers when a product is back in stock. With the Odoo 16 Website, you can access the backend view of products, events, and appointments with a single click using the new button. Additionally, you can convert the appearance of images most suitable with a phone, tablet, or computer. The Grid mode can be activated on a building block to gain complete supervision of its aspects.

Apart from all these updates mentioned above, the Odoo 16 marked various updates in almost all modules, such as Inventory, Manufacturing, Online Appointments, Recruitment, Time Off, Project, and other modules.


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