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Odoo 16 Sales Module Documentation

March 6, 2023 · 5 minutes read

The Sales module is an important component of the Odoo ERP, allowing businesses to manage their sales activities, customer orders, and invoices all in one place. With the release of Odoo 16, there are some new features in the Sales module that can help to improve the sales process and customer service.

Through this blog, Let’s discuss about some of the exciting new features in Odoo 16 sales Module under.

Canceled sales order confirmation

When a SO is canceled, the order is no longer valid, and the customer will not receive the goods or services that they ordered. In addition, the customer will be informed via the email address entered in the customer form.

Let’s look at Canceled sales order confirmation. After creating a sales order, Odoo gives one the opportunity to cancel it by clicking the cancel button, as shown in the picture below.

Selecting this icon will bring up a window given below with the options ‘Send and cancel’ and ‘Cancel’. You can cancel the quotation by using cancel and submit, and the customer will be notified via the email address provided in the customer form. One can only cancel the sale order by clicking the cancel button.

Coupon, Loyalty, and Gift Card, eWallet.

Then there’s Coupon, Loyalty, and Gift Card, eWallet.
Increase your revenue with various types of programmes such as Coupons, Loyalty Cards, Promotions, Discount codes, Purchase X Get Y, and Next Order Coupons. One can also use gift cards and an eWallet.

First, let’s look at how to set up programs.

When one enable this option, the Discount & Loyalty and Gift Card & eWallet menus will appear under the product tab.

Let’s begin from the Discount & Loyalty

First, there are the coupons. One can create coupons based on various conditional rules, and based on the rules, one can receive rewards such as free products or discounts.

Following are Loyalty Cards. When customers place an order, they earn points that can be redeemed for rewards on either the current or future purchase.

A promotion program consists of rules and actions intended to encourage customers to purchase more products or services from a company.

Set up conditional rules on the purchase that will allow customers to receive rewards. Each rule can grant points to the customer, he will be able to exchange against rewards

Define conditional rules for the discount code and then share it with your customers for rewards.

Another is Buy X and Get Y, where one can give customers credit for the items they purchased and then reward them with Y items in return for X credits.

Coupons for the next purchase, When a customer makes a purchase, one can use this programme to give them a coupon for their next purchase. One can assign coupon rewards based on the conditional Rules.

Let’s see how the coupon program functions. Select the Coupons program type as shown below.

And choose some conditional rules, By clicking the add button, one will get the window to set the rules

One can set rules such as a minimum quantity or purchase amount to receive this reward here. And if one needs to offer this discount program for some particular product, product category or a product tag. And don’t forget to click the save button. After that click the generate button as shown below

After clicking the generate coupon one will get the window for selecting the customers and the quantity to be generated and one can choose the validity of the coupons.

After generating the coupons one can see the smart tab coupons in the rights side as shown in below

One can share this coupons to the customers, also you can copy that code to sale order to redeem the coupons

After copying the code apply it in sale order as shown below

Click on the coupon code and redeem the coupon discount.
Now let’s check about the Gift card & eWallet.

Choose the program type as Gift Card and one can provide the email template for sending the gift cards to customers. By clicking on the Generate Gift Cards you can generate the quantity and the value of the card that one need. After generating gift cards one can see the smart button gift card is updated and copy that code to use the gift card in sales orders. And also one can send these gift cards to customers and see the balance of the card.
Now let’s check how the eWallet works.
eWallets can be created manually or automatically when the customer orders an eWallet product.Then, eWallets are proposed during the checkout, to pay orders.

Choose the program type as the eWallet and select wallet value by clicking generate ewallet. And customer payment can be redeemed by using these eWallets.
Next, let’s check about another new feature that was introduced in Sales Module of Odoo 16 below.

Link the opportunity with your sales order

One can link the opportunity with the sales order as shown below

The Tracking section can be accessed by selecting the Other Info button. One can now connect the opportunity to the sales order.

Incoterms in sales order

In the Odoo 16 sales Module, One can add Incoterms in the sales order. For that need to enable the incoterms field in configuration settings as shown below

After enabling the incoterms open the other info tab from the sale order

From here, one can add the Incoterm for defining the buyer’s and seller’s responsibilities for product delivery, payment, and risk during transportation. In addition, the incoterm location can be provided.


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