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Odoo 15 Purchase Module Documentation

November 25, 2022 · 6 minutes read

The advanced Odoo ERP system is the easiest all-in-one platform which includes hundreds of business management modules. Odoo offers the perfect business management solution for your company. Effortless management of business operations can be executed with the help of the new Odoo 15 ERP system. In Odoo 15, you can find several new advanced features that help you to simplify your business activities.

Let’s take a look at the new features introduced in the Odoo 15 Purchase module.

The new Odoo 15 enables you to define different packaging methods and configure extra pricelists for products. The Sales tab also can be seen as improved by introducing the options to enhance eCommerce sales. Additionally, the Dashboard reporting in Odoo 15 will help you to get accurate information about various operations done in the Purchase module.

Product Packaging

While creating purchase orders in the Odoo 15 Purchase module, you will get options to set packaging quantities and packaging types in Order Lines. This option will be helpful to define suitable types of packaging according to each product added in the Purchase Order.


In order to get the Product Packaging feature in the Purchase Order creation window, first, you need to activate the corresponding option from the Products tab included in the Settings menu of the Purchase module. This feature allows you to select a package type in the purchase order and set a quantity that is a multiple of the number of units per package. After activating this option, you can find the Packaging option under the Products line while creating a new Purchase Order as marked in the screenshot below.


You can mention the name of the Packaging in the given field and a create button will appear which will help you define additional features of the packaging type.


A new pop-up window will be shown on the screen as shown above. The name of the product is already configured. By enabling the Purchase and Sales fields, you can use this particular packaging in purchase orders as well as sales orders. The Routes field will allow you to define the route of the product included in this packaging. Specify the Package Type, Contained Quantity (quantity of product contained in the package), Barcode, and Company. Mentioning the Barcode will help in the process of package identification. By clicking on the Save button, you will be able to configure this packaging to the concerning purchase order.

Odoo will automatically update the Packaging Quantity based on the Product Quantity mentioned in the Order Line and the Contained Quantity mentioned while creating new Packaging.

Extra Pricelist for Products

In the Product description window, it is easy to configure an extra pricelist for a product with the help of a new smart button available in the Odoo 15 as shown in the image below.


Using this smart button, you can create a new pricelist, especially for this product. 


With the help of the Create button, you can mention the Name of the Pricelist, the Applied On which product, Minimum Quantity, Price, Start Date, End Date, and Company. You will get the Extra Pricelist button in each product description window to manage an additional pricelists of corresponding products.


The Subscription field under the Sales tab of a product description window in Odoo14 is replaced by the Recurring field in Odoo 15. Even though the name and position of the field have changed, the function of the field remains the same. 


While configuring a new product in the Odoo 15 Purchase module, you can activate this field. By doing so, Odoo will create a subscription when you confirm a Sales Order with this product.

Sell on eBay

In the Odoo Purchase module, you can sell a product on eBay with the help of the Sell on eBay button. In Odoo 15, the product description window includes an additional tab for eBay as shown in the image below.


When you activate this option, various fields will appear to specify more details regarding the selling process on eBay. The eBay Status of the product can be seen in this tab. Additionally, you can mention the Title, Subtitle, Item Condition, Category, and Store Category. The policies regarding the eBay sale such as Payment Policy, Return Policy, and Shipping Policy can be mentioned in the corresponding fields. 

In the eBay Description field, you can add a Description Template and a few lines about the product characteristics. Specify the Listing Type, Starting Price for Auction, Buy it Now Price, and Duration in the given fields. In order to allow the best offers for customers and enable the private listing feature, you can activate the Allow Best Offer and Private Listing fields respectively.

Advanced Sales Tab

You can find considerable changes in the Sales tab of the product description window also. In order to improve the eCommerce sale, Odoo enabled two additional features in the Sales tab. When you take a look at the eCommerce Shop field under the Sales tab, you can find new options such as Out-of-Stock and Show Available Quantity.


Activating the Out-of-Stock option will enable you to continue selling even if the product is out of stock. When the product is replenished, the customers who ordered this product will get an automated message from your eCommerce website. There is also an additional field called Out-of-Stock Message in the Sales tab to specify the message that you want to display on your Shop page when the product is out of stock. Now, the Show Available Quantity field can be used to show the number of available quantities of this product on your eCommerce site.


In Odoo 14, you will only get the reports of Purchase Analysis under the Reporting menu of the Purchase module. But in the advanced Odoo 15, you can find two separate submenus under the Reporting menu for the analysis of Purchase and Dashboard.


As you can see in the screenshot above, you will get both graphical as well as pivot views on this platform. This window can be used to analyze Vendor, Vendor County, Purchase Representative, Product, Product Category, Status, Company, Order Date, and Confirmation Date based on Average Cost, Day to Confirm, Day to Receive, Gross Weight, Order, Quantity Billed, Quantity Ordered, Quantity Received, Quantity to be Billed, Total, Untaxed Total, Volume, and Count.

With the new dedicated Purchase module, Odoo ensures a better user experience. Undoubtedly, you can rely on Odoo 15 in order to perform improved purchase operations for your company.


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